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Name: Meghan O’Leary
Nickname: “Mego”
Family: Mom-Kathy, Dad-Dan, Brothers-Jon (twin, 23), Bryan (27)
Childhood Heroes: Mia Hamm, U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, Nolan Ryan
Favorite Food: Greek
Magazine Subscription(s): Business Week
Musical Tastes: EverythingI like variety
Favorite Superhero: DonatelloTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Dream Car: Black Range Rover
TV Show You Never Miss: “Grey’s Anatomy”
Hobbies/Interests: Film/production, traveling, reading, running, and biking
Favorite Charity: Donate For Life
Favorite Vacation Spot: Italy
First Job: Pitching coach
First Pro Sports Event You Attended: St. Louis Cardinals baseball game
First Time on Airplane: 1-year old
First Time You Started Playing Organized Sports: 4-years old on an all boys soccer team
Most Famous Person You Have Met (Where and When): Lance Armstrong, this summer at the NBC Studios in Washington D.C.
Best Thing About Charlottesville: Beautiful surroundings, beautiful grounds, the mountains, and I love the Downtown Mall
Favorite Spot on Grounds: Top of the Rotunda steps, facing the Lawn
The Title of Your Autobiography Would Be: “Through Thick and Thin”
Reality TV Show You Would Be On: The Amazing Race with my twin brother!
One Thing About You That Would Surprise Most People Reading This: I secretly wish I could be a gymnast
In 10 years, What Do You Hope to be Doing: Producing with a top network or producing my own documentaries
Greatest Sports Moment: Winning the High School Heisman
Greatest Invention of the Last 100 Years: Internet
How Many Songs in Your iPod: 2,047 … too many
What Was Your Best Halloween Costume: Eve

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