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DERBY, Conn. Virginia came away with victories in the Second Varsity Four, Third Varsity Four and Second Novice Eight races Saturday against Yale and Harvard in Derby, Conn.

The Second Varsity Four (Taylor Gilmore, Diane Leigh, Shalane Carlson, Jessica Streufert, Schafer Bomstein) earned a first-place finish with a time of 8:24.3, compared to Yale’s 8:28.5. The Third Varsity Four (Sarah Pichardo, Summers Nelson, Pamela Baylor, Hannah Jordan, Mariana Lima) was also victorious over the Bulldogs with a time of 8:36.4.

In the Second Novice Eight race, the crew of Laura Hendrie, Hannah Jenkins, Ariane Casper, Colleen Beichert, Lieve Pitts, Christina O’Neill, Alyssa Smith, Brittany Moore and Haley Pack defeated Harvard by more than 20 seconds with a time of 8:12.8.

In the Varsity Eight race, Virginia finished third with a time of 7:23.7.

In the Second Varsity Eight race, Virginia was third with a time of 7:31.3.

UVa’s Varsity Four finished second to Yale with a time of 8:06.6.

The conditions were rough waters and a 10-12 mile-per-hour headwind.

Virginia returns to action on May 18-19 when it heads to the South/Central Regionals in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Varsity 8
1.Yale 7:17.9
2. Harvard 7:22.6
3. UVa 7:23.7

2nd Varsity 8:
1. Yale 7:22.7
2. Harvard 7:28.4
3. UVa 7:31.3

Varsity Four:
1. Yale 7:57.3
2. UVa 8:06.6
3. Harvard 8:14.3

3V4 B:
1. UVa 8:24.3
2. Yale 8:28.5

3V4 C:
1. UVa 8:36.4
2. Yale 8:51.2

Frosh/Novice 8:
1. Harvard 7:57.0
2. Yale 8:12.4
3. UVa 8:16.3

2nd Frosh/Novice 8:
1. UVa 8:12.8
2. Harvard 8:37.0

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