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The No. 9 ranked women’s rowing team begins competition Saturday at South/Central Regionals in Oak Ridge, Tenn. On Friday, Adrienne Egge checked in with to talk about the team’s preparation for the races and how the road trip has been so far. Egge is a fourth-year and is part of the Second Varsity Eight crew.

Friday, May 16
This is always the best bus ride because it is completely guilt-free. Since classes and exams are over you can watch movies and you don’t have to have a textbook open on your lap. It was a very relaxing trip out here Thursday, I had just finished finals and crew is now the only thing I’m thinking about.

This year is a little different than in past years because normally we have traveled on Friday. Usually we’d have been up early this morning in Charlottesville, traveled to Tennessee and gotten out on the course to practice once. This year though we left Thursday so it’s been really nice and relaxed. We practiced this morning and got the nervous energy out and got used to the course. Then we came back in the afternoon for another practice.

For dinner, we just went to Panera and then Wal-Mart for some fresh fruit. It was kind of funny because we saw a couple other teams there and they were buying junk food. Not us though, the strawberries were on sale!

We just wrapped up our team meeting and watched a slideshow of photos from the year. Everyone seems to have a lot of nervous energy and it’s been three weeks since we’ve raced. There’s no real pressure to top last year’s performance here; this sets us up for NCAAs so we want to show everybody that we’re going to bring it!

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