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Virginia vs. Southern California
Aug. 30, 2008
USC Coach’s Quotes

Southern California head coach Pete Carroll
Opening Statement:

“The first thing obviously for us is we had a really nice day today; we got done exactly what we wanted to get done today. We practiced beautifully during the whole process, and it showed. That’s why we worked so hard. If you practice like that, then you should play like that. That’s a lesson for us.”

On Ohio State:
“Hopefully we’ll maximize our opportunity by working with the younger guys in a normal fashion.
A cool thing is that so many guys got to play today. We need all of those guys here and ready to go to get back on schedule. It was a really good day for that message. We’re going to practice on ourselves and then get started next week some time.”

On Mark Sanchez:
“Mark [Sanchez] really has the eyes for getting the ball down the field. He saw those chances, and he missed one of those. You give him time and he’ll find guys who’ll take advantage of it. He has a way of taking advantage of the system that we have. Mark did a good job by readily attacking those guys. So, there were nothing but good things today.”

On Offense:
“Let’s not worry about how many running backs we have; let’s use all five of them. We’re happy to have all of those guys active in the offense. So, we were able to have a very good game. It’s a really big deal to shout out to our offensive linemen.”

On a Successful Win:
“It has been evident in the years that when we prepare like this, we can expect to perform at a really high level. In that case, for a long time, we were able to do that again. After all that time we spent, all the processes, if we play like we’re supposed to, and all the guys come to practice, then we’re able to do that. We try to play great.”

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