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Virginia vs. Southern California
Aug. 30, 2008
Virginia Player Quotes

Virginia sophomore quarterback Peter Lalich
On the crowd:
“The fans brought a lot of energy. It was an amazing atmosphere to play in.”

On the speed of USC’s defense:
“Their speed was pretty unbelievable the whole game. It’s something they have all across the board, at ever position, and they really were able to use it to their advantage.”

On the moving forward:
“We have to work mostly on execution. We will look at film, focus on some things, and execute better next week.”

Virginia senior linebacker Clint Sintim
On the atmosphere:

“It was an incredible atmosphere to play in. Unfortunately we didn’t perform better. Today they were better, and they deserved to win the way they did.”

On the team’s confidence:
“This team knows what we can do. Obviously, you never want the outcome to be like it was today, but we will try to use it as a learning experience, and move forward.”

On moving forward:
“We need to execute better. Anytime you get your butt kicked like we did today, it is humbling. We know what we have to do, and now we just have to execute.”

Virginia senior running back Cedric Peerman
On the atmosphere:

“The record crowd and the energy from the fans made it great to be out there.”

On the week ahead:
“The only way to bounce back from a game like this is to take it as a learning experience. We will have a lot of work to do in practice. We are going to do everything possible to have a good week.”

On Richmond:
“We have to put this game behind us and shift our focus to our next opponent. Richmond is a good team, and if we come out like we did today, the same thing will happen.”

Virginia senior tight end John Phillips
On USC’s defense:

“It was a lot of what we expected. They were really fast; a good, solid defense. They played well today.”

On preparation for today’s game:
“I think we worked really hard to get ready for this game. They did pretty much everything we expected them to do. We just didn’t really execute. It doesn’t matter who you playif you don’t execute you can’t win games.”

On positives to take out of this game:
“There is a lot of positive stuff in every game you play. We’ll go watch film on Monday morning and find that out.”

Virginia junior wide receiver Kevin Ogletree
On USC scoring early:

“They came out right out of the gateit was tough. They scored a lot of points early and never really allowed us a chance to get back into it.”

Virginia junior cornerback Vic Hall
On UVa’s lone score:

“It was definitely an opportunity [when Mikell Simpson scored]. We got some points on the board. We wanted to follow up with some more but that didn’t happen.”

On what to learn from the game:
“Come back, get better, and use it as a lesson to be prepared for next week.”

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