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Virginia vs. Richmond
Sept. 5, 2008
Virginia Coach Quotes

Virginia head coach Al Groh
Opening Statement:

“We got pretty much what we expected from Richmond. They were a well-prepared, hard playing team so we’re real pleased with the win.

“I’m proud of our team for hanging in there time after time. That’s what teams have to do in order to put wins together. We were able to do that quite a bit last year but that type of mentality has to be re-established and solidified with each particular team. It doesn’t just grow back.

“Two things you have to be able to do to win games is run the ball in the fourth quarter and rush the passer and we had success there when we had to. There were some flaws today and we’re aware of them. so we’ll work on them.”

On Cedric Peerman:
“Every time he takes the field you get that type of tough performance. He took a pretty substantial hit very early in the game and it took a lot out of him but he will never lay the flag down easily.”

On the penalties:
“That is a point of disappointment today. That many penalties is out of character for our team but if you do it often enough it becomes a part of your character so it is very important that numerous penalties come to an end quickly.”

On the defense:
“That unit stepped up and did what had to be done today. They were challenged significantly by field position and by certain schemes but they were able to feel the game as it went along. Our veterans stepped up but we also had some young players play a substantial amount of time and they turned in positive performances. We’re really pleased with the way they moved forward today.”

On the big special teams plays:
“We spent a lot of time working on blocks this week and we’re very pleased with the results and the work the players put in. We worked two days on field goal blocks. Big plays are point erasers and they make a huge difference.”

On scoring first:
“We really wanted to come up with a score on the first possession. More particularly, we wanted to be first on the board. We chose the more prudent way to go on the field goal.”

On talking with Richmond coach Mike London after the game:
“In general I told him his team was exactly what we expected from a Mike London-coached team. Hard nosed and well prepared and he ought to be positioned to win a lot of games this year.”

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