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Virginia vs. Richmond
Sept. 6, 2008
Richmond Player Quotes

Richmond senior offensive lineman Tim Silver
On Richmond’s missed scoring opportunities:

“We had plenty of opportunities to have the ball on the inside. We just need to capitalize on those opportunities, and we thought that we would be able to do that. The longer we hung in, the more and more excited they got about the team.”

On Virginia’s defense:
“In terms of executing when you got in their areas, (UVa) had a good execution; that was good defense on their part. They’re a well-coached team. They got the ball, so it was a good combination. They had good defense. They’re great; I’m not going to set them apart from being just well-coached. I’m not going to take anything away from them. They’re very good Division I.”

Richmond junior wide receiver Jordan Mitchell
On pulled up injury:

“I thought I had a decent chance to score. At first, I thought I was good. I took off. Then after about 20 yards, I don’t know what happened. Something went on with my leg, and that was about it. I started slowing down. I peered back and saw someone coming on me.”

On playing an FBS team:
“This was a great experience. I think that, if nothing else, it shows us no matter whose team it is, I-A or I-AA or whatever division, we can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the country.”

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