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Postgame Quotes
Virginia 62, Georgia 60
Jan. 2, 2009

Virginia head coach Debbie Ryan
Opening Statement:
“The game was exactly the way that I thought it would be. Georgia is very physical and very aggressive. They ramped up the intensity the entire game. It’s gratifying to know we can take on an opponent like that and come out with a win. We’re not going to stop here. We’ll keep moving forward.”

On coming from behind in the closing minutes:
“We were playing from behind the whole way. The one great thing about playing a tough preseason schedule is that you get all these experiences before you hit the conference. This is the level you have to play. Right here.”

On Lyndra Littles’ three-point play in the final minute:
“I saw it developing and I knew. I was hoping it would roll in.”

Virginia senior forward Lyndra Littles
On the inbounds play in the final minute:
“We had run something similar like that before. Coach Ryan drew it up and the freshmen took directions well. It worked. It’s all about timing. Basically when the ball goes up you have to time it just right. Just trust the passer and trust your ability to jump.”

On scoring 15 second-half points:
“What I was focusing on was that we were down at that point. I trust my shot. I think Coach Ryan trusts most of my decisions that I make on the court. They left me open so that’s what you’re supposed to do stick it in the basket.”

Virginia junior guard Monica Wright
On playing in foul trouble:
“I Just tried not to think about it too much. Just being smart on defense is something I need to continue to do.”

On the crowd of 3,714:
“When Lyndra had the and one’ you could feel the vibe in there. The crowd did a great job today and was one of the main reasons why we had energy.”

Georgia Head Coach Andy Landers
On if the game was a March-like atmosphere:
“Not really. There were too many turnovers by both teams. You have to eliminate those if you are going to play in March. From my perspective that is still a project in the making.”

On the 3-pointer that would have given Georgia the lead:
“It was a great one. We had the right person shooting and (Ashley) Houts did a great job keeping the dribble alive. She kind of got pinned up down under the basket and I didn’t know if she was going to be able to get it out. She really did a nice job of keeping it alive and finiding (Angela) Puleo and Puleo had time. She addressed the basket very, very well. I thought it was in. She looked good doing it.”

“The most disappointing thing there is that ball goes in and comes out. I promise you when that ball hit the rim neither team had anybody in the paint. Had we had one person go to the offensive board we could have tipped it back in. With it being the last shot of the game, you would think there would be more of an awareness. We had nobody going to get it.”

On what Virginia did late to come back from a 5-point deficit:
“I thought they just stepped up and shot the ball. (Lyndra) Littles just has the ability to find the crack, get in it and get her shot off. She and (Monica) Wright both are just outstanding and very difficult to defend.”

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