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Postgame Quotes
Virginia 88, Longwood 50
Feb. 1, 2009

Virginia Head Coach Debbie Ryan
Opening Statement

“I was really a little bit worried about our fatigue factor and coming down off of that win [against Maryland on Friday night], but I thought they did a great job this morning. I thought we started off really strong, and I was able to substitute early, which gave me a chance to see where some of these kids are. I was able to evaluate a couple of kids where they are in terms of the defensive end, the rebounding end and taking care of the basketball. All of those things will be evaluated as far as where we are and how we’ve grown.”

On Forward Britny Edwards
“She’s very active, with long, long arms. She has that long wingspan. What we are working with Britny on is to be a little stronger, to be a little bit more physical. She’s not a physical player yet, and that’s what she has to be to play in there. So, we’re working on some of those things with her.”

On playing Duke next
“You can’t compare this game or Friday night’s game to what we’re going to play on Thursday, so it’s a matter of being able to come down off of this one, build back up for the next one, and the next one is a game in and of itself. There will be no carry over from this game to that. There will be a lot of work in between and we just have to get ready for this game as if it’s a game in and of itself.”

Virginia Guard Kristen London
On playing with family in attendance

“It was great. To be able to look up in the stands and see my dad and little sisters, that’s why I do it really.”

On the win
“It was a confidence builder. Against Maryland it was a big win, and this game was another confidence builder. We just keep getting more mature. We keep growing, and everybody keeps stepping up which is amazing. We already believe in ourselves, we just need to show it.”

Virginia Guard Britnee Millner
On the win

“It showed the maturity that we’ve been gaining throughout the season, and we’re taking a step forward so we’re looking to improve on how we’ve been playing.

On ending the season and looking towards the ACC Tournament
“We want to take it one game at a time, and be aware of where we are standing at the same time. We just want to take each game as it comes to us.”

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