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Postgame Quotes
Virginia 75, Virginia Tech 61

Virginia Head Coach Dave Leitao

Opening Statement:
“It goes without saying that when you win like that it makes me very proud because we won the game the way I have tried to have the game played since I’ve been here, which is about defense, rebounding, getting out on the break, and timely offense. I thought throughout the course of the game, we did that. Obviously, they are good, but I thought Calvin (Baker), Jeff (Jones), Sylven (Landesberg), all the perimeter guys did a terrific job on two of their big three guys, especially Delaney. We did a good job of taking his space away, specifically Calvin getting through those screens, and the hedge guys getting there early. For the most part, it looked like a defensive team out there. That’s very pleasing for me to see. Obviously, contributionssomebody was joking in the backwhen was the last time you saw some of our big guys dunk the ball like they did today? That’s about sharing the basketball and finding the open man. We went back to some of the basics. Like I said the other day, before you can change the score, you have to change the way you do your business. We have been working on execution a lot more. Our screen settings, our timing off the screens allowed us to get more open shots than we have been getting and then just continuing to work defensively. As a result, that was a big win for us.”

On coming off the win over Clemson:
“My confidence is growing in addressing the issue that was plaguing us before, which is a slow start, an unemotional start. We have addressed it and they’ve done a good job of making sure we are ready to go. It’s not just because we have started a different line up. I think there is an importance with Solomon (Tat) starting, and Assane (Sene) starting and Jeff starting, but again, it’s a collective mindset that allows us to come back, win, lose, or draw, in a positive way.”

On Landesberg as a play-maker as well as a scorer:
“In his first game, he was 28-8-8. He has that in his game. I think what has happened is he has realized he is getting keyed on a whole lot more, and he has a growing confidence in the people around him that he can make plays, give people the ball, and they can finish or make plays from there. That’s well within the realm of his possibility. He can make people better as well as he can score.”

Virginia Tech Head Coach Seth Greenberg

Opening Statement
“I think the game swung out so they went to the three-two zone and we got a couple of good looks. The first possession we turned it over because we weren’t patient enough and then after that we were not as poised as we needed to be against the zone. We got to go inside a couple times, but were unable to finish. A block/charge on the baseline I think was a very, very big call. I think they went on an 8-0 run after that play, so that was disappointing. We kind of fought our way back. Malcolm [Delaney] got some good looks, the ball just didn’t go down for him. We’ve got to do a better job of guarding the ball screen and then recovering back to our man. The two dunks they got on that were just that we were very slow recovering. I thought we competed, I just didn’t think we played all that well.”

On playing Virginia after the Cavaliers’ win over Clemson:
“I think it helped the crowd, for sure. I think if they’d lost that game, this game probably wouldn’t have been as exciting. Their win gave them some momentum, we played two games on the road, and it’s hard to win on the road in this league. That’s just how it is. You’ve got to be really, really good. We weren’t really, really good so it’s hard to win. I’d like to say our program is at a point where it is easy, but it’s not. It’s not easy for us; it’s not easy for Duke; it’s not easy for anyone. We’ve got to play better. It’s just plain and simple.”

On Delaney’s performance in the game:
“I told him he needs to be more aggressive. He didn’t shoot a couple shots I thought he should have shot. We’ve got to get him involved sooner. We’ve got to pass the ball better. We’ve got to get guys to deliver him the ball. I think it’s easy for people to put another defender on him too. Let’s face it, you’ve got A.D. [Vassallo] and Malcolm [Delaney] and a two-three zone. I think it’s pretty easy to mark them. We tried to ball screen for him a little bit, but I told him at halftime he has got to shoot the ball.”

On Sylven Landesberg’s assists in the game:
“I think that’s the part of his game that’s growing. I think that he’s so good off the ball screen, he changes speeds and changes directions so well that you’ve got to commit and try to string him out a little bit. That opens up passing lanes. He made some clutch passes around the basket and he made a really nice pass down the baseline towards the end of the game.”

Virginia guard Calvin Baker

On defending Malcolm Delaney:
“I was just trying to keep him out of rhythm. He’s a real good shooter, he’s real crafty, he knows how to get to the line. I just tried to keep him off balance, play physical with him, and try to keep him out of rhythm. Because once he gets in his rhythm, shots you’re not supposed to make, he makes them. That’s why I just tried to keep him out of rhythm.”

On how Coach Leitao’s line-up in the second half of the Boston College game and how that affected the team:
“I think it really woke everybody up, and showed everybody how we have to play in order to win. We were down against Boston College, and they saw that when you play hard, the results are good. He’s been preaching that ever since that game, and everybody’s bought into it. That’s why our team’s starting to click.”

On what a win against NC State in Raleigh on Saturday would mean:
“It’s a big game. Any time you can win on the road it’s big. I think we’re at a good place right now. Everybody’s focused, everybody’s got their eyes set on the same goal, so I think when we go down to Raleigh we’ll be okay.”

Virginia center Tunji Soroye

On providing a toughness to the team:
“I try and do everything I can to help the team. We’re playing well right now, so I just want to go out there and help them win.”

On how he has improved individually to allow him to get more playing time:
“There was just a change of mindset. There’s a lot going on with the team. We changed everything around. That’s helped us a lot, and it shows on the court too. So we just changed things around, and it’s for the good and it’s working for us.”

Virginia guard Sylven Landesberg

On how the team is feeling after winning two in a row:
“We’re feeling real good right now. I guess I’d say better than we’ve ever felt. We played two really good teams, and came out with wins. We’re on an emotional high right now.”

On playing in such an intense atmosphere:
“The energy in the gym was ridiculous. Just like the game before it. It couldn’t be topped. They were cheering for us, booing for them no better place to play.”

On what the mindset is going into Raleigh:
“We’re high on ourselves right now. We’re real confident. Our mindset is we’re going to get this win.”

Virginia Tech Guard Malcolm Delaney

On defense:
“Our defense was horrible, all of it. They were on the lucky end of a lot of 50-50 balls and rebounds.”

On away games:
“Every game in the ACC is tough no matter who you play. Clemson just lost to UVa. It doesn’t matter which team plays; you can lose to anybody. It’s hard playing on the road in the ACC, and this is one of those road games.”

On opponents:
“We’re not worried about the opponent. The ACC is full of good teams. I think we’re just as good as anybody in the ACC. We just have to play well.”

On upcoming games:
“We have a couple more games to get a couple more wins that we need. We just have to step up.”

On injury:
“I had a good week, but I did hurt my wrist. Right now, it’s feeling fine. I had the chance to get in the gym and get a couple of shots up, and I had a good rhythm in the beginning.”

On confidence:
“I am a very confident player. Even if I miss a shot, I always have confidence in myself. That’s why I kept shooting the ball, but I also know that I have teammates around me that can make shots too. That’s why I’m not worried about me shooting.”

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