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Postgame Quotes
NC State 72 – Virginia 67

Virginia Head Coach Dave Leitao

“I’m disappointed. We had opportunities and we didn’t execute. We tried to dig out of holes, but we were playing uphill most of the game. NC State was a challenge because they have so many people they can go to on offense. I told our guys it could be anybody, so that got us into trouble defensively, and we weren’t on top offensively either.”

“We all have to look at how we do business and realize what we do well and what adjustments need to be made.”

“Our guys who provide us energy didn’t come out today with that same energy. I have to examine our starting line-up. Our guys were just not locked into the game.”

“The thing about competition is consistency. The most difficult thing for coaches is knowing what each guy is going to do every day.”

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