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Redshirt junior Trey Miller opened his cross country season this past weekend, helping the men’s team to its second-straight George Mason Invitational title. Miller finished seventh overall in 25:19 and will take this weekend off to prepare for Virginia’s Panorama Farms Invitational on Friday, Oct. 16 at 4 p.m.

Question: What was your summer internship?
Miller: This summer I interned with Sen. Richard Burr, a Republican from North Carolina. I found out about this position after inquiring into the Washington, D.C., office and completing the application and interview process associated with the position. While the experience was challenging, enjoyable and of great personal benefit, I do not feel that a position with the senator’s staff is something I will pursue in the future. However, I am interested in pursuing jobs associated with politics and government as a result of my experience on the Hill.

Question: As a senior, what are your plans for after graduation?
Miller: I am fairly open to next year’s possibilities, whether it is a job or to continue my education. I am applying and interviewing for a wide array of jobs from consulting positions, to government jobs, to various opportunities abroad. While I do have another season of cross country eligibility, I am not sure where I am called to be next year. I am trying to remain open to any option while praying for guidance and wisdom.

Question: What would you say is the strength of the men’s team this year?
Miller: Our men’s team has great depth and experience. We have 8-10 strong runners who can have an impact on our postseason competition and many of these men have raced at ACCs, regionals or nationals in the past. We have a good group of guys who are ready to go out in November and fire it up.

Question: In order for the season to be a “success” what would need to happen?
Miller: We are going to have to be tough. We have the talent and have put in the hard work. Now we need to go out on race day and be tough, we can’t fold when it starts to hurt. It’s that succinct. This mindset takes practice, but we will be ready.

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