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On UVa’s performance:
“UVa is a very good football team and much better than people think. Their win in Chapel Hill last week started it, and I thought they played great tonight. They blocked us all day today, and we had trouble staying on the field. They have a lot of weapons on offense, and they are a very good defensive football team.”

On the loss:
“We can’t make any excuses at all. We got beat pretty soundly by a pretty good football team. They physically got after us and beat us on both sides of the ball.”

On the UVa defense:
“They did what we prepared for. We didn’t block well enough. They got in their third-and-long package, and they can put a lot of pressure on you. We didn’t have time to wait for people to get open. They have good players, they are well-coached, and they run a good scheme.”

On the game getting away:
“It was 14-0 and we had some pretty good stops at the end of the first quarter and early second quarter, but we didn’t do anything offensively. Then late in the second quarter, they scored some more on us. Then they started the second half with a score. Give them a lot of credit. They were well prepared and did a great job.”

On Indiana RB Darius Willis not playing:
“We made the decision not to play him this morning. He didn’t take a lot reps in practice this week. It did hurt us [not having him play], but that was one of those kinds of games where they beat us on both sides of the ball. Any one guy would not have made that much of a difference.”

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