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Sophomore defensive back Ras-I Dowling
On first quarter forced fumble:
“We practice disrupting the football and trying to create turnovers. It’s something we
practice a lot, and today I was able to make a play.”

On setting a tone early:
“We give it all we have every play. Our focus is always on the next play, and it’s good when we can make big plays early in the game.”

On two takeaways and sack:
“Our defense has a mentality that we play for each other. Every individual play is on behalf of the whole defense. There were some mistakes, but we will look at some film, and correct those things.”

Senior wide receiver Vic Hall
On playing multiple positions:
“We are always focused on the play at hand. During the week, we practice these situations so that no matter where I line up, I’m ready.”

On Touchdown catch:
“It was a play we had been working on a lot this week. We got the look we wanted from the defense, and it was a well designed play that was executed for a score.”

On catching TD from Jameel Sewell:
“He’s a guy I’ve been playing football with for the last five years. Every play we make is for the other guys on this team. What better person to catch a TD pass from than the guy you compete with day in and day out.”

On the play of the defense:
“They played and prepared incredibly. Everyone put themselves in positions to make plays, and they did a great job containing the Indiana offense. Anytime you only give up seven points, it shows.”

On defining his role in the offense:
“I think today we made great strides in defining what I can do on offense.”

Senior Quarterback Jameel Sewell
On finding rhythm early:
“We prepared incredibly well. The looks we saw in practice this week were pretty much the same as the ones we saw during the game. We were able to make plays in practice, and today they translated to the game.”

On high completion percentage:
“That’s great of course, but the important thing is that we had zero turnovers. Turning the ball over is what can cost us games, and that was my biggest focus today.”

On touchdown pass to Vic Hall:
“That was a great call in the situation. We ran a post over the middle, and the cornerback collapsed on the post. Vic used his speed and got to the sideline and all I had to do was give him a manageable ball.”

On Vic’s role in the offense:
“It seems that Vic has found his place in the offense. It’s very important that we have multiple play makers on the field at a time. Guys like Kris Burd, Dontrelle Inman, Mikell Simpson, and now Vic too is a great addition.”

On completing passes to eight receivers:
“My eyes were good today. The line did a great job of pass protecting and being physical up front and I was able to keep my head and my eyes downfield. On most plays I was able to go where I wanted with the football, but the amount of protection I had let me come off a primary receiver and hit the secondary receiver just as often.”

On play of the defense:
“The defense allowed us to get great field position. It’s a lot easier to drive the ball 40 or 50 yards rather than 80 or 90. They prepared and executed so well, and it gave us the chance to take some shots early. All the playmakers on the defensive side of the ball had great days today, and the seven points scored defines their success.”

Senior Running Back Rashawn Jackson
On the victory
“It was a tremendous thing. It was great to see all the guys buy in to the program and get this win. This is a tough Big Ten team and we knew we had to show up and compete. We did, and I’m proud of this team.”

On Mikell Simpson
“Mikell is a tremendous player and we come in every week knowing that we have to be leaders on this team.”

“I’m proud of him, I’m sure that he will be fine, and until then I’ll just keep running the ball the best I can.”

On winning after Coach Poindexter’s number was honored
“It’s a good thing; he is a really good coach and a great guy. He was a great player here, and everyone knows what he did on the field. We aspire to play as physical as he played, and as smart and fast as he played.”

“I tip my hat to him and everything he has done for Virginia, and I am thankful for the role he has had in my career.”

Freshman Linebacker Steve Greer
On holding Indiana to seven points
“It feels good to have our defense working together and everyone seems to be making plays out there. It is fun when the defense can come together out there.”

On winning after Coach Poindexter’s number was honored
“It’s big for Coach Dex, we are all really happy for him, and we are all excited that we could get the win for him today.”

On limiting Indiana’s rushing yards
“We want to go into every game and make sure people know that we have a tough defense. We wanted to be a physical team today, and I think that was a big part of stopping the run.”

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