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Senior Kevin Tschirhart recently sat down with to talk about his summer internship, his plans for after graduation and the strengths of this season’s men’s cross country team. The Cavaliers will be put to their biggest test this weekend, as they host three nationally ranked teams in the Panorama Farms Invitational on Friday. Races begin at 4 p.m.

Question: What was your summer internship?
Tschirhart: This summer, I worked at a start-up political news website called The Daily Caller. The website is founded by Tucker Carlson, a noted political journalist, and Neil Patel, the former Chief Policy Aide to Dick Cheney. The website is getting ready to launch and I couldn’t be more excited.

Question: As a fifth year, what are your plans for after graduation?
Tschirhart: After graduation, I hope to work in politics in some fashion, possibly as a print or broadcast journalist. I care deeply about my political beliefs and hope to have a career furthering these beliefs.

For now, however, my eyes are focused on helping the team. Coach Vigilante always preaches to us the importance of doing things for the team rather than yourself. It’s a good philosophy for life, I hope to live up to that standard even after graduating.

Question: What would you say is the strength of the men’s team this year?
Tschirhart: Of the dozens of strengths our team has, our most prominent is our team unity. This year more than ever, our team has a profound sense of unity. It may sound strange to people unfamiliar with cross country that team unity is necessary to a successful cross country team, but 7,000-meters into a 10,000-meter race, the single thought that keeps you going is the thought of your teammates facing the same struggle.

Question: In order for the season to be a “success”, what would need to happen?
Tschirhart: Our team is immensely talented, so in order for us to succeed, we need only to run to our abilities. That is not to minimize the difficulty of our competition, but only to highlight the fact that, in order to succeed, we need only to run what we are capable of running.

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