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Jordan Evans, a senior midfielder on the men’s soccer team, recently checked in with to discuss the team’s upcoming match vs. Boston College on Sunday, Oct. 25. Kickoff is scheduled for 1 p.m. at Klöckner Stadium.

Question: Coming away from a 3-1 win at Virginia Tech and a 2-0 win against Howard, how are you feeling about the season right now?
: I am feeling great. Our team scored three goals against Tech, two more tonight, and we could have had a lot more goals tonight, so I think we are starting to hit it in stride. It is a good time of the year, too. We had a few slip-ups earlier in the season but going into the last couple ACC games and the last part of our regular season, I am excited about what we have to offer in postseason play and the ACC tournament.

Question: What are your thoughts going into the match against Boston College on Sunday, and the fact that it is a rare day game for the team?
: And, it’s my birthday on Sunday. We haven’t played a day game this year, I don’t think. And they just had a big win over UNC, from what I hear, so they are going to be on their A-game and we are going to have to bring it to them. Hopefully we’ll come out with the win then, too.

Question: What was behind your decision to transfer to Virginia from Richmond?
: I think I wanted a bigger school. Originally I went to Richmond, it was closer to home, but I really wanted to branch out and this is a perfect fit for me. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I wish I had come here out of high school.

Question: Do you have any pre-game superstitions or rituals?
: I always listen to country music before a game. It relaxes me. A lot of people like to get hyped up but I like to keep it low with mellow music.

Question: What are you going to be for Halloween this year?
: I actually don’t know. We are at Maryland on Halloween, so I don’t think we will be celebrating Halloween but I’m sure we will all get a costume. Last year I was Lieutenant Dangle from Reno 911, and that was a big hit.

Question: What are you majoring in, and what is your favorite class right now?
: I am majoring in anthropology and my minor is environmental science. I think my favorite class would have to be Personal Development. It is interesting, we get some funny speakers, and our professor is a character.

Question: The ‘Hoos Talk during halftime where you whistle on camera is a huge fan favorite. Where did you learn to whistle?
: I don’t actually know. I think my grandpa was pretty good – I never met him, but that’s what my dad tells me.

Question: What are your interests outside of soccer?
: I just like having fun. I am really up for anything. I like a lot of sports, we play basketball and some golf.

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