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Sophomore Simone Asque led the volleyball team to two wins over the weekend, a sweep of Maryland and a five-set victory at Boston College. The outside hitter recorded career-highs in kills in both matches and was named the ACC Player of the Week for her accomplishments.

This weekend, the Cavaliers host No. 17 Florida State (Fri., 7 p.m.) and Miami (Sun., noon) in Memorial Gymnasium.

Question: You led the team with career-highs in kills in both wins this weekend. What was your take on the weekend and how satisfying is it to know you played so well?
Asque: Overall this was a very good weekend for me in how I played, and knowing that I helped my team gain two wins on the road is very satisfying. I strive to have that same satisfying feeling every week whether or not I’m setting new career highs. Mind you I am definitely competitive and want to set new records at every opportunity possible, but I know that my first priority is to help my team win and by focusing on that, any new career highs I achieve will take care of themselves.

Question: With few teammates unable to compete due to injuries, how does that change your role on the team?
Asque: My role changes in that there is more pressure on me to pass more often in serve receive and to play defense in the back row. With one of our captains out, I’m trying to be more dependable for my team in the leadership aspect on the court too.

Question: In honor of breast cancer awareness month, what significance does playing throughout the month of October have to you?
Asque: Breast cancer has had a strong impact on my family. My aunt had it and fought it for more than 20 years before she died from it and my mother had it but fought it off and made it through. I will always miss my aunt, and I will always hold my mother in the highest respect for being there for my sisters and I while she was sick, and for going through everything she did in order to be here today and mold me into the type of person I am.

I know that I am at high risk of also having breast cancer but I don’t let the idea crowd my thoughts. Because even if breast cancer runs in the family, I know that the will to fight runs in the family too and is a million times stronger. My mom is living proof.

Question: Either on the court or off the court, what is one of the hardest things you’ve had to overcome?
Asque: I think that hardest thing I’ve had to over come is adapting to everything. During my first year there were a lot of changes that I had to adjust to. But now that I have a year under my belt, everything has become a lot easier to handle.

Question: This weekend wrapped up the first portion of ACC play. Now that you’ve played everyone this year, what are your expectations for this second half of conference play?
Asque: I am very optimistic about the second half of conference play. In the ACC there isn’t one dominating powerhouse so on any given day, anything can happen. If our team brings our ‘A’ game to the court each and every match, you can expect great things from us.

Question: With Halloween this weekend, did you have a favorite costume as a child?
Asque: When I was younger I was often a witch for Halloween. As I got older my costume became more fun and important but when I was younger it was all about the Trick-or-Treating.

Question: Has the team decided what it’s going to be this year?
Asque: No we haven’t come to a decision whether or not we are going to each have our own costumes or try to have a team theme. But there has been talk about us dressing up as the 12 zodiacs.

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