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Senior Quarterback Thaddeus Lewis
On overcoming the deficit late in the game
“We know whatever situation we are in, we can come back. We are fighting every play, no matter what the situation or the score is. We know when we have to step up. We look into each others’ eyes and motivate each other. We know what we are capable of.”

On reactions to the interception in the end zone in the fourth quarter:
“You know that there is a lot of time left on the clock and I believed that my defense was going to get us the ball back. The next time you go down, you have to score.”

Junior Placekicker Will Snyderwine
On tallying five field goals in the game
“I was pretty busy in the first quarter, but anything I can do to help. I’m excited we got the win in the end – I’m pretty happy.”

On anxieties on the field
“I don’t really feel anything when I’m out there. Hitting field goals feels pretty good and I’ve done it about a thousand times in my life at this point, so I don’t get nervous.”

On sneaking up on teams
“Honestly, I’m not really sure if we are sneaking up on people – maybe you’ll have to ask them. We are pretty happy about ourselves; we’ve been doing pretty well. We will just keep working to get a big win next week at Carolina.”

Senior Defensive End Ayanga Okpokowuruk
On the transformation of the Duke program
“We are enjoying every minute of it. This is why we came here – to turn it around. It feels great.”

On forcing a fumble in the fourth quarter
“Coach [Marion] Hobby was just telling us to finish our rushes. We had plans on how we were going to pressure the quarterback. I just did a spin move. I didn’t think it was going to work really. I turned around and the quarterback was right there and when I tackled him, I went for the ball. I didn’t even know it came out. I looked up and I saw [Charlie] Hatcher bringing it up in the endzone.”

On emerging as ACC Championship contenders
“It feels good; we just thank God it worked out this way. We just played every game game-by-game, taking it one day at a time. For us to be in this position, it helps us to see the big picture, but we still have to focus on every day working hard and the things that got us here. We have to focus on that.

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