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Boston College Head Coach Frank Spaziani

Opening Statement:
“That was a hard-fought game to say the least. You have to give Virginia a lot of credit. They played very hard. They gave us a lot of problems. I think our guys played extremely hard but made a lot of mistakes that hurt ourselves, but once again, that’s a credit to UVa for making us make those mistakes. The kids hung in there and to not play as well as we did and not execute and still come away with a victory is really gratifying.”

On the flow of the game:
“There were a lot of ebbs and flows in the game. There were some calls that were made, weren’t made, penalties that made action. That’s good for the fans.”

On the decision to go for the touchdown on fourth-and-goal:
“On third down I thought about [going for the field goal] but once we got within sneaking distance, I figured we’d go [for the touchdown].”

On quarterback Dave Shinskie’s performance:
“Dave would probably like to have one of those passes back but he’s just a true freshman. Those things are going to happen. Once again though, he got the job done. Dave is making strides in leadership and a lot of other areas but he has a long way to go. He got rattled, but he came back so that was good to see. Having Montel Harris rushing the ball didn’t hurt.”

On Shinksie’s growth as a player:
“I’m sure his athletic experience has helped but once again, it’s a different rattling – people flying at you, hitting you. It’s different than the ball going over the center field fence or pitching. He’s making strides though.”

On getting win No. 7:
“Seven is better than six. It just opens the door to a chance for number eight.”

On Virginia’s final drive:
“I was thinking about keeping them in bounds, making the clock run, trying to make some plays. It was about who was going to get tired first in a game of attrition. That was what was going through my mind – who was going to be the hero?”

On the team’s first road win:
“We were going to get one; it was just a matter of when. Anytime you do something for the first time it’s good. As a team, going back to August when we had to grow, this was part of our maturation and development. It can only help us. Now we know we can do it.”

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