Dec. 9, 2009
8:12 p.m.

CHARLOTTESVILLE — In a perfect world, his players would have nothing but soccer on their minds during their stay in North Carolina.

UVa coach George Gelnovatch knows that’s not possible.

His team left Wednesday afternoon for the College Cup. Final exams at UVa start Thursday.

Virginia plays ACC rival Wake Forest in the first NCAA semifinal Friday at 5 p.m. in Cary, N.C.

“It’s a really tricky time, I gotta tell you,” Gelnovatch said Wednesday. “Our final four in college soccer is a week later than it usually is, so it’s made it really tough for us.

“It’s been something we’ve had to deal with for three days now. There are guys that will be taking proctored exams [Thursday].”

The team is staying in Raleigh.

“During their little bit of time when we’re not watching film and we’re not preparing and we’re not practicing, they’ve got to be studying,” Gelnovatch said. “It’s tough.”

The Wahoos are due at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, and they’ll remain there until about noon.

“And then there will be a handful of guys that have to be there [for media obligations] until probably 2, along with me,” Gelnovatch said. “It’s a structured, busy day, and then a couple guys have to factor in taking exams.”

The NCAA championship game is Sunday afternoon. If the ‘Hoos win Friday night, Gelnovatch said, some of his players might have to take exams in Raleigh on Saturday.

“It’s not ideal,” he said, “but that’s life.”

As for the team’s schedule Friday, Gelnovatch said, “We don’t plan to go out to the field and do any kind of walk-through or anything like that. We’ll get up, eat and then we’ll probably take a walk, just to get the guys out of the hotel after breakfast. We’ll have a training meal at 1 [p.m.], and we’ll meet right after that and get ready to head over around 3 o’clock.”

Jeff White

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