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University of Virginia
Head Coach George Gelnovatch

On facing an unfamiliar team after playing so many ACC opponents
“It’s a little bit more work for sure on one hand. On the other hand it’s refreshing. We’ll be playing a team of the same caliber of our ACC sisters.”

“Akron is a very worthy opponent. They would do very well in our league. I think the three games we played against Wake (Forest), the three games we played against Maryland, the game we played against Carolina – I think those games in our conference have prepared us for a game like that.”

“I have a lot of pride in the university, in our athletic department and in our program. Winning championships – ACC Championships, national championships – representing the university well, means a lot to us.”

On taking 12 years to get back to the national championship game
“It’s a reminder of how tough winning is. Winning is a tough business. Winning consistently is a tough business, winning at this level… It is tough as heck to get to the playoffs. It’s tough as heck to get to the College Cup. Once you get to the College Cup, it’s tough as heck to get to the final. We’re happy to be in this situation.”

Junior Forward Chase Neinken
On writing “15 Years” as Motivational Tool
“That was in our lockerroom at U Hall. Everyone comes to this school because of tradition and pride we get in putting on this jersey. It’s about bringing everyone back. We have alumni come all the time. It’s the pride you carry with coming to a school like Virginia. It’s taken a while to get back to the point we’re at today so we want to carry that as well as create some tradition of our own.”

Junior Goalkeeper Diego Restrepo
On knowing about Virginia’s tradition before transferring from USF
“I saw that they had five national championships and in the last 10 years 49 players went professional. I could tell what kind of program and coaches they had, and the facilities. Plus the school is the No. 1 public school in the country. You couldn’t ask for a better recipe.

Junior Defender T.J. Cyrus
On the College Cup experience
“When you first commit to Virginia, you dream of going to the College Cup every year. Then when you start actually playing college soccer you realize that it’s tougher than it looks. Just by wearing the crest at Virginia you’re not going to get there every year. Our coach told us last year at the ACC Finals that you have to appreciate every opportunity because you’re not going to get it every year. You enjoy it as a player, you relish it, but you also want to take advantage of it.”
University of Akron
Head Coach Caleb Porter

On being in the national championship
“It has been a great journey. We are really happy to be here and we have a big game ahead of us tomorrow. We are pleased more than anything to be in the National Championship game.”

Reflecting on last night’s game
”We’ve pretty much moved on from the game. We are focused on the game tomorrow and I personally am focused on physically turning around our team. We’ve also watched as a staff tape of Virginia and will introduce our team to them this evening. I think we played well. We could’ve had more of a killer instinct but going down helped them to be disciplined and good on the counter attack. We played defensively well also. In the end we moved on to the championship game and are not focused on that.”

On not scoring in regulation/overtime
”I don’t think it was frustrating. They were patient and needed only one play to win the game. We had chances but we were a touch off and a couple of times we got behind their back line. Lloyd put out a lot fires back there. We didn’t get a goal but we didn’t give up a goal.”

”They are very talented. They play a different style defensively. They’ve allowed eight goals all year long because they’ve bought into the defense. I give credit to George Gelnovatch and the leadership. They can play.”

What a National Championship would mean
”It would mean a lot. I’d love to win it each and every year. It’s been a dream for a long time. We are going to go out there and have fun.”

Junior Midfielder Blair Gavin
On the process of PK
”I look at what the goalie does and react to him. I see the tendencies of the goalkeeper.”

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