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Members of the Virginia softball team – both student-athletes and coaches – will be revealing 20 random facts about themselves to each weekday leading up to the team’s season-opener on Saturday, Feb. 13th at the Elon Tournament in Elon, N.C. Up next is assistant coach Geoff Hirai, a Washington state native who is in his second season with the Cavaliers.

1. I have watched West Wing seasons 1-4 at least five times through.

2. I had one job when my wife went into labor and that was to drive to the hospital. I got lost.

3. I had a record for most errors in one inning at the Super World Series for 16 and under. (3)

4. I have been to 45 of 50 states and should have the last five done by this summer.

5. My favorite movie is Good Will Hunting.

6. I have never had a full alcoholic beverage before and never will.

7. I am a huge Hawaiian music fan like Kapena, Three Plus, and Ho’onua.

8. I love to try to beat my brother at Super Scrabble and did this past winter break for the first time (twice).

9. I have a cousin who was in the summer Olympics in 2004 for diving (Kimiko Hirai-Soldati).

10. I have a cousin that had a jump rope move named after him which is called the “Hirai”- it is a cartwheel with a back flip while flipping the rope underneath him 3 times. (You Tube the move under Derek Hirai)

11. I get really sick on amusement park rides.

12. I am afraid of heights.

13. I was fined $5 on my 18 and under baseball team for not being tall enough to ride the rides at the Seattle Center.

14. I sprained both my ankles walking down Coach Freitager’s steps while carrying a garbage can with an opossum inside that her dog chased and wounded in the corner.

15. I have shot one gun in my life and almost shot my mothers toe off. (10 years old)

16. I was in a dance group that performed in front of the high school at assemblies.

17. My favorite vacation place is Reno, Nevada.

18. When I was little and lived in Nebraska. I was afraid of the Gorilla that was at the entrance of the zoo. Ok not scared more like terrified.

19. My first stuffed animal was a Curious George and I still have it. It is also Gavin, my son’s, first stuffed animal that I bought when he was born in the gift shop at the hospital.

20. I made 30 3-point shots in a row to make one of my high school students to do his homework for all his classes for the rest of the year. (He ended with a 3.5 gpa)

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