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Miami Head Coach Frank Haith

“Obviously I thought our guys played really well today. I thought our bigs were outstanding. These two guys
right here [Collins and Gamble] – just look at their numbers and what their production was, and to me, when
we play like that, it gives us a chance. We didn’t shoot the ball well, but we got great inside presence from
both these guys. I want to say that [James] Dews did a great job on [Sylven] Landesberg in the second half.
Landesberg was ready to play and he was a tough match-up for us. He was on, he was making threes,
which made it very tough for us in the first half, and I thought Dews did a really good job on him in the
second half.”

On interior defense…
“I thought our D was outstanding. They are a difficult team to guard because they run random motion, but I
thought our guys played extremely hard. When you look at the numbers, they shot 35 percent from the floor.
They made some threes on us, but I thought our guys played excellent.”

On 18-5 run in second half…
“I thought we still got out and ran in transition, but we got some easy buckets and we executed well. I
thought the biggest thing was that we got consecutive stops. We needed to get some consecutive stops,
and at that point, we got some consecutive stops and that really stretched it out for us.”

On holding Virginia’s Mike Scott to zero field goals…
“Well I think that’s Julian [Gamble]. Julian guarded him most of the night and did a great job on him. Julian
had a career game for us on both ends of the court. Mike missed some shots, but I thought we did a great
job on him.”

Miami Sophomore Julian Gamble

On effect interior play has on success…
“I think it makes us more of a threatening offense if me and Dwayne can both produce inside, but at the
same time, we have a lot of shooters around and they’re just knocking down open shots. Dwayne or myself,
we’re not selfish players. Dwayne passes out of the double team well, and if I’m driving and I don’t have it,
I’ll kick it out to one of the shooters and normally they’re going to knock it down.”

On progression since being inserted in starting lineup…
“Progression wise, I feel like I just have to go out and do what coach says. He talked to me yesterday about
being a really aggressive rebounder, so I made that a focus today, as well as playing good defense on Mike
Scott. I just feel like I go out there and go my hardest – good things will happen.”

Miami Senior Dwayne Collins

On imposing his will inside…
“They doubled at times. They doubled real strongly at the beginning of the game, and I passed it out pretty
well. Then they stopped doubling and we were able to make one-on-one moves and move around in the
post a lot better.”

On eight points during 18-5 run..
“My teammates found me. I was open a lot during my runs, I had a lot of dump offs and stuff like that. They
just lost me at times.”

Virginia Head Coach Tony Bennett

Comparing home and road games versus Miami…
“Obviously we had more energy. It’s a role reversal with us in Miami. We’re certainly struggling and we need
everybody to play well. When one or two of our key guys struggle, it’s hard for us to overcome it. We had
two days to prepare hard. We tried to really work defensively and on some spacing offensively. I thought we
got some good looks.”

On team’s struggles…
“There were just some breakdowns. We were in there for the first half and just couldn’t make them earn
enough. A key breakdown here or there makes a big difference. We can’t let them shoot a high percentage.”

On Collins’ and Gamble’s inside play…
“They used their athleticism or their strength to get some offensive rebounds or just make some plays at the
end of the shot clock. They’re athletic and they’re strong on the interior. They can shoot it on the perimeter
too. When we played them the first time they were struggling with their shot.”

On Miami’s second-half run…
“I thought we were better in this game. I thought we had to come up with some key stops and make some
buckets. I thought we got some good looks even when they got up six or eight…we just didn’t finish. I
thought we were hanging in there for a while. I told them you just keep fighting and keep trying to execute.
Their effort is pretty good, but our execution wanes as the game gets real physical later on and that has hurt

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