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Charlottesville, VA — Friday afternoon in front of the McCue Center head football coach Mike London unveiled the squad’s new uniforms. Based on the initial reaction of the players and fans in attendance, the new gear was a hit.

“We appreciate the efforts of Jon Oliver, Craig Littlepage and the designers at Nike for allowing us to have the opportunity to really look representative of how the team wants to play,” London said to the group of fans gathered in front of the McCue Center. “We want to make sure that these guys have an opportunity when they go out on the field to show that we’re first class and that we take pride in our appearance.”

Incorporating all three school colors rather than just the blue and white combinations of recent years, the Cavaliers’ new ensemble is part of Nike’s special Pro Combat series and features special moisture wicking technology to enhance breathability and sweat evaporation. Reducing uniform weight by more than 37 percent from previous designs, the Pro Combat style was issued to just 10 of the country’s most elite programs in its debut last season.

“I’ve been in it for about 45 minutes now, and I’ve never felt more comfortable being in a jersey like this before,” said tight end Colter Phillips. “Usually on gamedays, it takes me about 40 minutes to put on my pads, but we got in these in about 10. It was just really nice to be able to hop right in and feel really comfortable. I’m really excited to be able to wear these next year.”

Perhaps even more exciting for the fans will be the new top-and-pants combinations the new uniforms will afford. While quarterback Marc Verica (orange and blue), cornerback Ras-I Dowling (white and orange), and Phillips (blue and white) modeled three of the more traditional looks, next year’s gameday attire could also feature solid color combinations. The team has not worn Orange tops since it donned a throwback jersey in 2008 against Richmond.

“It’s going to make each week different and special,” Phillips said. “It’s going to be nice to be able to mix it up a little bit and it’s just going to get the guys really excited.”

“We’re not Oregon, we’re Virginia, but at least this is something that allow us to different,” London said.

The Cavaliers’ new attire will also feature a redesigned helmet, which will retain the look of past seasons except without the orange stripes across the top and with the addition of a more metallic-blue finish, which according to London, should sparkle in the sun on gameday.

Last but not least, the biggest introduction of the day-literally-was a new, larger equipment truck donated to the program by Charles McDaniel. While the 18-wheeler helped transport Coach London and the players to Friday’s unveiling, it will be helpful in the future for carting pads and other necessities for the team.

“Everything is bigger, everything is better,” Dowling said. “We are all just excited about everything. It’s a whole new vibe, a whole new attitude.”

While Dowling and Phillips already stated their fondness for the all-orange uniform combination because of its tie-in with Cavalier fans’ Power of Orange stadium attire, quarterback Marc Verica has yet to decide on his favorite.

“At this point, I don’t have a preference,” Verica said. “Maybe when we start winning some games, some sentimental value will be attached to the color of jersey, but at this point, I like them all.”

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