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Junior outfielder Cynthia Javaras and the Virginia softball team heads to Boston this weekend to take on the Eagles of BC in its final road conference series of the year. Javaras, a native of Princeton, Mass., recently sat down with to chat about being in second place in the ACC, returning to her home state and her favorite spot on Grounds.

Question: How would you describe this season?
It started off with ups and downs but I think we have adjusted really well. We had a really tough schedule this year and that helped us a lot with our ACC games. We were better prepared for the pitching that we saw because of the good teams that we played against in the preseason. That made a big difference for us this year.

Question: You are second in the ACC right now. Would you say that is a surprise?
I think it was a surprise to most people. But not to us. We have worked really hard all fall, winter and spring. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and that is something that has set us apart. The first years have done a great job adjusting and contributing and finally we are seeing some results. It’s very exciting.

Question: How do you feel about returning home this weekend?
It’s a lot of fun. I remember being really excited my first year too. I know a lot of my family and friends are going to come so it will be a fun weekend for us.

Question: What is your major?
I am a psychology major. I have very interested in adolescent psychology – all the theories. I am going on a mission trip with Athletes in Action this summer and we are going to be working with middle school and high school kids. That hopefully will spark my interest a little bit and then really get into the psychology side of things my fourth year.

Question: What do you want to do after you graduate?
I am not sure yet. I might stick around Charlottesville and get a minor in studio art once I’m done playing softball. That is the plan right now.

Question: What is studio art?
Painting and drawing. Really, drawing. I am really interested in cartooning and making caricatures and things like that.

Question: Who is your favorite cartoon character?
My favorite cartoon character is Gus Gus from Cinderella. And Goofy is pretty cool, too.

Question: What do you like to do for fun?
Well, as you know, Quiddler is one of our most frequent activities, especially on road trips. It’s pretty much what we play all the time. I am pretty good; my skills are improving. Pitt (Alison Pittman) still beats me some of the time. This year the team chemistry is a lot better. We hang out at the house. We get along well.

Question: What is your favorite spot on Grounds:
Lawn, hands down. Actually this week we had a picnic there. Sat around, ate lunch, enjoyed the sights and sounds.

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