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No. 3 North Carolina 17, No. 4 Virginia 7
May 22, 2010 | Chapel Hill, N.C.
Postgame Quotes

Virginia Head Coach Julie Myers
Opening Statement
“The end of any season is a really hard, sudden ending. I think that the end to this season, given all that we’ve been through, makes it especially hard. I am completely impressed and pleased with my team, I’m so proud of their families and I’m so grateful for who comes to Virginia to play for us and for all that they do to help us win.”

On North Carolina
“Today’s game was not one of our better efforts but Carolina is a great team. It was hard for them to come down our throats at times too. Emotionally, it was hard for them to play a hand in the ending of our season. I give them credit, I think they did a nice job with a lot of poise and a lot of competitiveness in making sure they won this game today. You always fear that you will be a little bit flat or a little bit tired as we came through the stretch that we just came through. Even if we played our very best today, I’m not so sure what the score would have been. I would like to think it wouldn’t have been by 10, but Carolina is very good. Lots of credit goes to them.”

On what she told her team after the game
“My message was that I love them. And I’m proud of them. And I couldn’t have asked them to do anything more. Not on the field and not off the field. They’ve been really outstanding. Our first few days we literally took it hour-by-hour and eventually we were able to think as big as two days away. I don’t think I ever thought where we would be three weeks down the road. Where we are today, I am incredibly proud of their perseverance, their love and their consistency. Their leadership and really how important Yeardley was to everybody and how she is so right in everyone’s heart and right on everyone’s mind but only in a really positive way. So it’s been pretty amazing to see and feel Yeards and to hear her name keep coming up and see all the pictures and stuff.”

On the emotions of the last few weeks
“Every day we’ve been together has been a positive day. It’s taken a lot of energy for us just to even go through the steps of a normal day. But our team has gotten stronger and more connected. At the end of the game one of our fifth-year seniors said ‘There’s not a doubt in our minds that we all love each other.’ To know that is a special and amazing feeling. We have established the unconditional love for each other and we have gotten stronger. To see what these guys have gone through and to see the direction they have moved as a team has been amazing. I know the Love family has been proud of what we’ve been able to do, as we are proud of them and their healing process as well.”

Senior midfielder Kaitlin Duff
On the end of the season
“I think we had a great season and we had a lot of ups and downs but we really stuck together. It shows there’s a lot more to the game of lacrosse than winning. We didn’t play our best today but I think we feel great about our season.”

Senior attacker Caity Whiteley
On taking part in Final Exercises tomorrow
“It’s bittersweet. Obviously I’d like to keep playing with my team, but it’s part of the next step in our lives. It’s important that we keep going and try to keep some sort of normalcy.”

Senior midfielder Brittany Kalkstein
On moving on after her final game as a Cavalier
“I don’t think that there is any way you can really move on from this. Obviously it’s going to be in our thoughts forever. We will try and stick in town for a few days and be with each other, stay close throughout the summer and come back for camp. It’s been a huge learning experience these past few weeks and I think it taught us about life.”

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