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August 9, 2010
By Jessica O’Shoney

Day one is done!

Equipped with our new gear and new players, the HOO-tees cornered up on center court at 9 a.m., awaiting the wise words Coach Maes was sure to impart on us as we began the first official practice of our 2010 season.

We, of course, spent the majority of our sessions working on defensive skills and floor moves. For a middle blocker, these things are not always my favorite because, as Kendahl says, “Big tree fall hard.” However, the opportunity to work on these skills is one I always enjoy, no matter how many bumps and bruises I manage to obtain. It’s also nice that AJ is always there cheering me on or offering advice in all my defensive endeavors, no matter how grizzly my passing may be at times.

Lying in my bed now, reflecting back on the day, I can already feel the infamous leg ache set in that always comes hand in hand with long hours of two-a-days. Being a returner however, it is something I knew to expect. I also know about the fabulous nights sleep that the long hours of practicing cause, and it is something I’m looking forward to these next few weeks.

Hopefully with all the time we’ll be spending in the gym, I won’t start having any bad dreams about Lee and Ted these next couple of weeks!

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