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August 12, 2010
By AJ Cushman

Today was great! We had the morning off and I was very productive. I cleaned my ENTIRE apartment! (Hopefully my roommate will appreciate my efforts). We only had one practice yesterday and my body really appreciated it. I also thought it was a really great practice.

We practiced blocking footwork and went through our out-of-system defense and offense. I’m really excited about where we are with our team. It’s a much bigger team than what I have been used to in the past couple of years, but we have a lot of talented and very capable girls. We ended practice with some scrimmaging drills and it was really fun to finally get on the court and see how everyone would work together.

After practice we had a lift with Bill. I really enjoy the benefits of lifting because I feel my body getting stronger and more durable. Bill wasn’t our strength coach last year, but I’ve worked with him a lot one-on-one and have a lot of respect for him.

After lift, the seniors – Syd, Ken and I – went to Sakura (a habbachi restaurant) for our senior dinner with the coaches. It was so much fun! We got to unwind, eat some great food and enjoy fun company. The cook prepares the food right in front of you and also tosses food into your mouth. He caught Syd in the nose and Ted got a piece of chicken right in the eye, which remained in his hair for the remainder of the meal – haha. It was a great dinner and we all had a blast!

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