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August 19, 2010
By Beth Wildermuth

Today was another great day of practices for us volleyball HOO-tees! The team was excited to get back in the gym today after our day off and had two really good practices. During our morning session, we focused a lot on serve receive and defensive/blocking systems. During our afternoon session, we worked on siding out, running plays out of serve receive and setter-hitter connection.

In between our practices, we had a delicious lunch from Bodos Bagels and had a short meeting with Lynne Shenk from UVA’s Athletes In Action (AIA) program. (AIA is a worldwide Christian fellowship program.) Lynne gave us a great presentation and provided us with information on getting involved on campus and participating in community service.

After our second practice, we all headed over to U-HALL for another freezing cold (but definitely worth it!!!) ice bath and picked up our dinner. Tonight we had ZAZU’s to go! (I had a Mediterranean Bowl… it was good and would most definitely recommend it! J)

Overall it was a great day! More and more students are coming back to town for the beginning of the fall semester and I am getting extremely excited for the season to get started! Oh yes… and of course, I am excited for the beginning of fall classes!!! 😉

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