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Team Honors

Team Awards

Virginia Lacrosse Team Award
Awarded to that student-athlete who exemplifies the highest qualities of leadership, cooperative spirit, and unselfish service in the interest of athletics at Virginia.
1975-76 Kathy Smith
1976-77 Cindy Ligon
1977-78 Eva Sheahan
1978-79 Debbie Spillard
1979-80 Debbie Spillard
1980-81 Maggie MacInnis
1981-82 Heather Dow
1982-83 Kathleen Gavin
1983-84 Sophie Carpenter
1984-85 Lindsay Sheehan
1985-86 Lindsay Sheehan
1986-87 Dawn Wisniewski
1987-88 Tracy Drummond
1988-89 Lesley Groff
1989-90 Kristen Aceto/Jill Dunham
1990-91 Robyn Nye
1991-92 Bonnie Rosen/Jenny Slingluff
1992-93 Erin Stewart/Amy Breen
1993-94 Cherie Greer
1994-95 Anna Yates
1995-96 Michelle Cusimano
1996-97 Peggy Boutilier
1997-98 Peggy Boutilier
1998-99 Ashley Widger
1999-00 Amy Fromal
2000-01 Jamie Haas/Lauri Kenis
2001-02 Lauren Aumiller
2002-03 Tiffany Schummer
2003-04 Amy Appelt
2004-05 Amy Appelt
2005-06 Nikki Lieb
2006-07 Kate Breslin
2007-08 Kendall McBrearty
2008-09 Blair Weymouth
2009-10 Brittany Kalkstein
2010-11 Liz Downs

Other Honors

The Paul B. Barringer Scholarship Fund
Awarded to a deserving student-athlete participating in any varsity sport.
1999-00 Amy Fromal
2004-05 Meredith Lazarus

Jettie Hill Memorial Award

Awarded to the fourth-year female student-athlete with the highest scholastic average throughout her four years.
1977-78 Amy Easter
1978-79 Marge Dawe
1988-89 Lesley Groff
2005-06 Meredith Lazarus
2008-09 Katie Shannon

Distinguished Student-Athlete Scholarship
Awarded to a rising fourth-year student-athlete who has distinguished him/herself during his/her intercollegiate athletic career at Virginia.
1999-00 Jill Hansen
2007-08 Katie Shannon

Tim Abbott Memorial Award

Awarded to the assistant trainer most dedicated to and possessing empathy for student-athletes.
2001-02 Blair Putnam

Ralph Sampson Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to a third-year student-athlete who best demonstrates excellence in academics, leadership and athletics.
1992-93 Cherie Greer
1996-97 Peggy Boutilier
2001-02 Lauren Aumiller

Susan Grossman
Memorial SAM of the Year
In recognition of outstanding service to student-athletes and contributions to the Student-Athlete Mentor Program
1997-98 Peggy Boutilier

Ernest H. Ern, Jr. Award
In recognition of outstanding contributions to student life by an intercollegiate athlete.
1997-98 Peggy Boutilier
2004-05 Bridget Bradley

Craig Fielder 
Memorial Award

In recognition of the varsity athlete who best demonstrates the qualities of leadership in character and sportsmanship, unwavering competitive spirit, and untiring determination in overcoming adversity.
1988-89 Tracy Nelson
1999-00 Ashley Widger
2001-02 Tiffany Schummer
2009-10 Ainsley Baker

IMP Award – Outstanding Female Athlete

1975-76 Debbie Easter
1976-77 Kathy Smith
1985-86 Lindsay Sheehan
1986-87 Elaine Maddox
1989-90 Jill Dunham
1993-94 Cherie Greer
1997-98 Peggy Boutilier
2002-03 Lauren Aumiller
2003-04 Amy Appelt
2004-05 Amy Appelt

ACC Top VI Award
Presented to the six student-athletes each year who have given the most in terms of service to the University and Charlottesville communities.
2005-06 Bridget Bradley
2005-06 Meredith Lazarus

Betty and Money Yates Award

In recognition of service and dedication to the women’s lacrosse program.
1996 Clair Parrish
1997 Jen Langton
1998 Beth Potter
1999 Ashley Widger
2000 Kelly Allenbach/Sarah Gercke
2001 Julianne Cattano
2002 Stuart Cawthorn
2003 Lindsay Buchanan
2004 Erin Sweeney
2005 Blair Putnam
2006 Meredith Lazarus
2007 Kaitlin Swagart
2008 Sara Hairfield
2009 Catherine Chambers

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