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August 22, 2010
By Nika Šimenc

After two weeks of hard work, preseason is over. I can’t believe these two weeks went by so fast. Having this recovery day will definitely help us in the upcoming season.

In one hand, this recovery day was relaxing but also quite busy. As a first-year student, we had a lot of mandatory meetings which were fun because I met a lot of new people. The convocation meeting on the lawn was amazing because I got to see all the first-year students that are becoming a part of this tradition. It was amazing to see so many people come together in one spot and become a part of this life in Charlottesville. I finally realized I am becoming a student, but not just a student, also a volleyball player at UVa.

Having this free day is also a part of becoming a great athlete and it is very important to keep my mind focused at all times which will help me to become a better volleyball player.

This recovery day was much needed and it allowed me to spend time with my teammates which was fun like always. Next week we are going to Philadelphia which is my first away game and I am very excited about it.

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