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Virginia vs. Richmond
Sept. 4, 2010
Richmond Head Coach Latrell Scott Quotes

Opening statement:

“Well, we got through the Virginia game. It’s something we have been talking about for a long time. Now we just need to get ready for Elon in two weeks.”

On how the team played:
“We’re learning. I thought we rushed the ball fairly well in the first half. We made some plays on defense. The defense played well. I think Virginia started to wear us down a little bit in the second half but we were still in the game. Things happen and we’ll be back.”

On quarterback Aaron Corp’s play:
“I thought he played well. He’s what we thought he was. He is savvy. He’s a leader. He made plays with his feet. I think once we get all of his tools back, we’ll be fine. We were missing two starters tonight and when they get back he’ll have one more guy to protect him and one more guy to throw to.”

On Virginia’s running game and Keith Payne:
“Keith is big and they wore us down and Keith just kept on churning. I would say that they hit us with a couple different backs but he was really the difference maker.”

On his feelings coming into Virginia:
“I don’t think this game was any different. I mean, we’ve all coached in games before, this time was just a little different. I leaned on my staff just as I have all preseason and there was no reason to be nervous. I feel like we managed the game well when we got into different situations. We’ll take a look at the tape and see.”

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