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So, it’s back to Mem Gym again after a tough weekend in Florida. Both Miami and Florida State offered up some pretty heavy competition and we were completely prepared. Some nights the stars just don’t line up quite right and the team can’t all get on the same page. That’s what happened with us against FSU.

Yes, they are ranked 13th in the nation and made it to the Elite Eight last year, but I felt like they were completely beatable and the loss was very disappointing. After that loss, we had Saturday to regroup and get ready to play Miami. It was a tough-fought game, however we couldn’t manage to pull through it. Much improvement had been made from Friday’s match against FSU, however we were all still pretty disappointed with how the weekend had turned out.

There were such high expectations for the team at the beginning of the season because we brought in such awesome first years who are contributing to the team right away, and although the start of conference play has not gone as well as expected, I have very high hopes for a strong finish. We’re a very young team and we’re all still learning, maturing and figuring things out.

We’re going through some growing pains right now, but as soon as we work those out, we’re going to be unstoppable!

Anyway, we’re back in the gym this week to prepare ourselves to play Georgia Tech and Clemson this weekend. We learned a lot of things about ourselves as a team this weekend and we know the kind of work it’s going to take to pull ourselves out of this little slump and beat these teams.

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