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Virginia vs. Florida State
Oct. 2, 2010
Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Quotes

On winning on the road:
“We’re 2-0 in the league. It’s learning to win on the road in the league. If you’re going to win conference titles, you’re going to have to win in somebody else’s house. Virginia has played really good football all year. Really good football.”

On coming into the game with a purpose:
“They’re learning to focus; they’re learning to prepare. They’re understanding that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – they’re learning they can’t just say ‘now I build my momentum on Friday night.’ They’re learning how to come to the game to compete. It’s part of maturing and it’s a great thing to see.”

On the defense:
“They played well. The offense ate the ball and kept them off the field. The defense got some three-and-outs. They played together. That’s what we keep saying: offense, defense. Here’s what you’ve got to understand. Defense is getting three-and-outs, offense is taking six minute drives, which keeps an offense out of whack for the other team. Kicking game is kicking it out of the end zone and they’re starting at the 20 [yard line]. You’re winning field position; you’re winning time of possession. You’re running the football, you’re throwing the football, and you’re playing pass defense – it all fits together. [The defense] was great on third down and we were converting in the first half on third down. It’s hard and it’s a whole team effort.

On juggling offensive tackles [Henry Orelus and Zebrie Sanders]:
“They seemed pretty good. We got some pressure – it was a great job and we did a better job of setting them up a little but in practice. They’re big rushing game is to the left so we did a personnel match moved Xavier [Rhodes] over there… Xavier did a good job. He’s very athletic setting to his left.”

On the play of quarterback Christian Ponder:
“He really made some good plays. He was very efficient today. I thought he missed some things but he scrambled two or three times which he always does. He threw 29 times but he didn’t have to throw it all the time. We made plays and he was really efficient on third down. We were 10-for-16 on third-down.”

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