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Virginia vs. Florida State
Oct. 2, 2010
Virginia Player Quotes

Junior Wide Receiver Kris Burd
On the long Touchdown reception early in the second half:
“We knew we had to make a play to spark the offense. They got lost playing coverage and Marc [Verica] hit me to score, it was a big play.”

On the timing today:
“They did nothing that we didn’t expect. Our game plan showed what they were going to do, we just weren’t clicking on all cylinders at the beginning of the game. It was a tough game.”

On the momentum today:
“There were a lot of big plays and you have to be perfect. We didn’t execute as well as we should have and we are going to focus on the execution this week in practice so we can be ready for Georgia Tech next week.”

On not giving up:
“We are going to play until the end of the game every game, we are never going to quit. We had a good offseason and we pride ourselves on being a family. A family is never going to quit on its brothers.”

Senior Quarterback Marc Verica
On the 72-yard touchdown pass to Kris Burd:
“The thing about that play is that that’s not even part of the progression, that route is designed to clear out the coverage. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and they busted a coverage. He was open and we were able to make a big play.”

On momentum:
“We made a commitment to try to turn this thing around and generate some big plays. The defense got a stop, we got the ball and made that big play. We got off to a nice start, so it’s unfortunate we couldn’t carry that momentum through the rest of the game.”

On the interception in the third quarter:
“I should have came to the checkdown, it wasn’t there. It was a big play in the game, if we go down and get some points on the board it’s a two-score game.”

On the lack of rhythm:
“We came out flat. I wasn’t playing with the right tempo and the ball wasn’t getting out quick enough.”

Junior Defensive Back Chase Minnifield
On the missed tackles today:
“Our tackling today is something we have to fix. To be a good defense you have to be able to tackle.”

On the overall defense today:
“I don’t really know what happened, I think we played hard. We realized some things just don’t go the right way. We’ll be back tomorrow working hard and getting ready for next week.”

On the intensity in the third quarter:
“We aren’t going to lay down, we aren’t going to quit. That’s not what we do around here. We worked too hard and you won’t see us lay down.”

Sophomore tight end Colter Phillips
On team mentality moving forward:
“At this point, we will look at the tape tomorrow and figure out what we need to do better. We face Georgia Tech next week, so we will try to learn from this game and put it behind us as quickly as possible.”

On the physicality of the game:
“Florida State came out as a very fast and physical team, and they continued to play hard the entire game. They caught us off guard in the beginning of the game and we just were not able to bounce back. That is something we have to work on and I know we will. We will find a way to start games as hard as they did.”

On halftime adjustments:
“The coaches said regardless of the score that we had to go out and play our best. We had to give it our all and that is what we did in the second half. As a team we have to learn that good and bad things happen in games, and we have to play our best to make more good things happen. If we do the little things right, the big plays will come.”

On Ross Metheny’s late game play:
“I am proud of all of the guys who were out there at the end of the game. For a lot of them it was their first series of the game and I am proud of them for staying motivated and staying focused.”

Senior running back Keith Payne
On physicality of the game:
“It was a very physical game from the first snap to the last.”

On moving forward following the loss:
“This game is behind us now. We have a better idea of what we need to work on now and we will bounce back from this.”

On halftime adjustments:
“Coach [London] told us to ‘play every play like it is your last.’ He said we had to believe in our hearts that we could compete and that was the mentality we came out with in the second half.”

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