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Senior Quarterback T.J. Yates
On opening score:
“That’s one of our basic, basic plays-our little short passes. You kind of get the ball rolling, get ahead of the schedule. They just happened to be there, playing the perfect coverage, and we had some great blocking downfield. Dwight [Jones] broke a tackle, and he took off. It’s the simplest of plays.”

On breaking the streak of road losses in Charlottesville:
“It feels good. We tried not to put much emphasis on it this week in practice, because we found ourselves doing that a little too much in years past. It kind of got us out of the funk a little bit. Once we got back in the locker room, we acknowledged it and it’s a good thing for this program to get that out of the way.”

On getting past off-field issues:
“It’s awesome. We’ve been through it all already. It seems like it happened so long ago, but we’ve finally got the guys that we know we’re going to play with now. It doesn’t seem like the roster’s going to change too much anymore. Now that we’ve got some confidence and we know which guys are going to go out there, we can focus more on football.”

Junior Wide Receiver Dwight Jones
On his career day:
“It felt good. I was in the zone from the beginning of the game, from when I first stepped on the field. There was a lot of adrenaline, and it felt good out there. I haven’t felt like that since high school-it was different. I felt like a beast out there on the field.”

On the opening play of the game for a touchdown:
“It’s just a simple play to get the offense going and get that chemistry going. I was fortunate to just break a tackle and get by him. I got a nice block along the sideline and was fortunate to get through. My coach told me before this game that we needed that play, and fortunately, I just broke it. I knew it was going to be called. Once I turned the corner and just ran free, I knew no one was going to catch me. If you get a big play like that at the start of the game, from then on, I guess you’re going to be really feeling it. I was fortunate to just go out there and score and just keep staying in rhythmn with the quarterback.”

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