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Sydney Hill is in her final season of eligibility for the Virginia volleyball team. A senior captain, the middle blocker has made an impact on the team throughout her career and is looking to help the squad make its way back to the top of the ACC. As the team prepares to head to NC State (Fri., 7 p.m.) and North Carolina (Sat., 6 p.m.) for back-to-back matches this weekend, Hill took a second to reflect on her career as a Cavalier.

Question: What are you hoping to have happen throughout the remainder of this year?
Hill: Outside of our game versus USC this season, I have never felt like we could not win the match. We have the potential and talent to win every game the rest of this season. The remainder of the year should be filled with wins allowing us to end in the top of the ACC and get a bid to NCAAs.

Question: Looking back, what has been the most memorable match you’ve played at UVa?
Hill: The most memorable match I played while at UVa was when we had the opportunity to travel to Nebraska and play the Huskers. Lincoln Nebraska loves volleyball. It was an exciting, fan-packed atmosphere.

Also, I always love playing Virginia Tech at home. The ACC matches have gotten more exciting every year because you see familiar faces across the net. Rivalries have been created over the past years games.

Question: What sticks out as your most memorable road trip?
Hill: I love any road trip when we have the opportunity to travel to a teammate’s house. I have been to five of my teammates’ houses while traveling on road trips. There is nothing like a home cooked meal, sitting on a well-loved couch, seeing old embarrassing pictures and family!

Question: Overall, how do you reflect on your volleyball career as a Cavalier?
Hill: I have become the best volleyball player I can through Virginia volleyball. My technical skills and volleyball IQ have far surpassed where I ever thought I would be. My volleyball career as a Cavalier has also brought about so many positive things in my life outside of athletics. I have made lifelong friendships, become involved in many organizations, challenged myself, determined my career goals, learned difficult life lessons, become a leader and surprised myself. Go Hoos!

Question: What do you think you’ll miss the most when you’re done?
Hill: My teammates. Virginia volleyball girls are irreplaceable and unforgettable. I am surround by such amazing, unique people. I have formed lifelong friendships and had so many amazing memories. Also, I will miss mama Cushman’s trail mix. It is just such a beautiful blend of crunch, sweet and salty, and I can’t have a home game without it!

Question: What is something that has surpassed your expectations of when you entered school as a freshman?
Hill: UVa has been everything I expected college to be and more. I fall in love with something new everyday. I have no doubt that I will be one of the crazy alumni that travels down for a game every year no matter where I am living. The University has given me so much and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.

Question: In the gym, what is your favorite drill?
Hill: I love our crazy warm-up drill “Swedish two ball.” Everyone ends up really competitive, laughing, smiling and sweating like crazy by the end. There have been some priceless moments throughout the years doing that drill.

Question: If you could take a talent from any teammate, what would you take, and why?
Hill: What a good question! I would love to have Tess’s ability to speed read. I think that would come in handy for Graduate School and when I am attempting to get through my list of books to read that have accumulated. The time she saves reading in comparison to my sloth speed would probably give me enough time to sleep an extra hour or two a night.

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