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Senior Kicker Matt Bosher
On the team’s mood after the loss:
“It’s disappointing. We didn’t really come out and play the way that we know we can early in the game. We turned it on late. We’ve just got to watch the film and get back next week.”

On the late comeback in the fourth quarter:
“A loss is a loss. We have to learn from it, we have to watch film. We have to play better next week. We just have to make sure to move on. We’ve got Maryland this coming week.”

On junior quarterback Jacory Harris getting injured:
“It was a big hit, not only literally, it was a big hit for the team. We’ve got to bounce back. We have plenty of playmakers on the field. Stephen Morris did a good job stepping up in the second half. He did a great job leading this team and getting us back within a range of winning. Hopefully Jacory gets better, and if not we’ll do what we need to do next week.”

Junior Offensive Lineman Tyler Horn
On quarterback Stephen Morris’s performance:
“I’m really proud of him. He came in, he rallied us, he grabbed us and said ‘come on guys, we’ve got to do this.’ He led us; he’s a natural leader. He got us fired up and ready to go, and he led us on the field and scored touchdowns. That was big, I’m really proud of him. He grew up a lot today.”

On Harris’ injury:
“It’s terrible. We let our brother get hurt. It just is the worst thing in the world, there’s no worse feeling than seeing that and knowing, that’s because of the offensive line, that’s because of us. I can’t describe it, it’s the worse feeling in the world.”

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