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Virginia Postgame Quotes
November 6, 2010
Duke 55, Virginia 48

Head Coach Mike London
How confident were you feeling on 4th and 20 after having back-to-back sacks:
“Very confident – it is disheartening and discouraging that one play gets you off the field and you cannot capitalize on that. Guys are hurt in that lockerroom right there. It was a game of we couldn’t stop them, they couldn’t stop us – who was going to have the most possessions. They got the possession when it counted and they scored.”

On that defensive call:
“It is just making a tackle on the quarterback. It is a missed tackle. I wish it could have been me and not him. It is one of those things that kind of eats at you. As I told them in there, you have to have short memories when things are not going well for you because the only thing you look forward to is correcting what mistakes you can correct and look forward to playing again. That is what we have to do – correct the mistakes we made and then look forward to playing in our last home game.”

“The fourth and 20 — you don’t throw the ball behind you. There was one of those quarterback runs when we had him in the grasp – he got away from us and that led to one of those touchdowns. Like I said it is unfortunate.”

“Three turnovers by us – we couldn’t get any unlike last week. It comes down to a game of who is going to have the ball – who can stop who. Those three turnovers helped them and didn’t help us for sure.”

On quarterback Marc Verica’s play:
“You cannot throw interceptions. It is great that he sets the school record for passing but the scoreboard reads what it does. If I was sitting in that position, you have to play better and cannot make those mistakes. It is the possessions you take away from us when we are driving the ball. The one down on the two yard line – that one hurt. They started the game fast and before you knew it they were up 14-0. You cannot go away into someone else’s house and start a game like that.”

On the penalties:
“We can’t do things that are going to knock you back and take you out of field position or make it second and long because you can dial up things and put pressure back on the offense or the defense for that matter. We had 11 and they had three – that is not acceptable. Then the turnovers compound that. Like I said it is frustrating. We have to get it fixed and I have to do a better job myself.”

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