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CHARLOTTESVILLE – The Virginia rowing team concluded the fall portion of its season with the Rivanna Romp on Sunday, competing against crews from Duke, Old Dominion and Pennsylvania on the Rivanna Reservoir.

In the Varsity Eight head race, Virginia had the three fastest times of the day. Virginia ‘A’ finished in first place with a time of 13:22.87, followed by UVa ‘C’ with a second-place time of 13:55.65 and UVa ‘B’ with a third-place time of 13:56.60.

Virginia had the fastest Varsity Four time, as UVa ‘A’ took first place with a time of 15:40.35. Virginia entries also finished third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh in that head race.

In the Novice Eight race, Pennsylvania ‘A’ finished first (14:58.28), followed by Duke ‘A’ (15:23.76), UVa ‘A’ (15:48.15) and UVa ‘B’ (16:49.14).

In the doubles race, Virginia finished 1-2 with times of 16:03.59 and 16:12.20.

Rivanna Romp
Nov. 14, 2010
Final Results

Varsity Eight: 1. UVa ‘A’ (13:22.87), 2. UVa ‘C’ (13:55.65), 3. UVa ‘B’ (13:56.60), 4. Penn ‘A’ (14:04.10), 5. Duke ‘A’ (14:05.74), 6. UVa ‘D’ (14:31.67), 7. Duke ‘B’ (14:35.73), 8. ODU ‘A’ (14:36.01), 9. Penn ‘B’ (14:38.53), 10. Duke ‘C’ (14:41.71), 11. UVa ‘E’ (14:57.38), 12. ODU ‘B’ (15:21.27)

Varsity Four: 1. UVa ‘A’ (15:40.35), 2. Duke ‘A’ (15:43.64), 3. UVa ‘B’ (15:50.11), 4. UVa ‘C’ (15:50.18), 5. UVa ‘D’ (15:51.13), 6. UVa ‘E’ (15:58.13), 7. UVa ‘F’ (16:22.51), 8. Penn ‘C’ (16:23.32), 9. Penn ‘B’ (16:25.71), 10. ODU ‘A’ (16:33.06), 11. Penn ‘A’ (16:35.79), 12. Duke ‘C’ (16:47.57), 13. Duke ‘B’ (16:51.25), 14. ODU ‘B’ (16:51.80), 15. Penn ‘D’ (16:56.00)

Novice Eight: 1. Penn ‘A’ (14:58.28), 2. Duke ‘A’ (15:23.76), 3. UVa ‘A’ (15:48.15), 4. UVa ‘B’ (16:49.14), 5. ODU ‘A’ (17:04.77)

Doubles: 1. UVa ‘A’ (16:03.59), 2. UVa ‘B’ (16:12.20), 3. Duke ‘A’ (16:17.65), 4. Duke ‘B’ (17:35.40), 5. Duke ‘C’ (19:21.11)

Virginia Line-Ups

Varsity Eight ‘A’: Coxswain Sidney Thorsten, Kristine O’Brien, Christine Roper, Keziah Beall, Martha Kuzzy, Fiona Schlesinger, Sarah Borchelt, Claudia Blandford, Taylor Levine

Varsity Eight ‘B’: Coxswain Molly Frear, Carolyn Glandorf, MacKenzie Leahy, Elle Murray, Lindsay Welch, Brandy Herald, Cara Linnenkohl, Carli Goldberg, Chelsea Simpson

Varsity Eight ‘C’: Coxswain Sarah Jordan, Allison Mayberry, Kaity McCullough, Dana Walsh, Betsy Nilan, Ruth Retzinger, Susanne Grainger, Ann Reid, Paige Terry

Varsity Eight ‘D’: Coxswain Miriam Kaplan, Erin Metcalf, Lauren Shook, Jenny Shultis, Francesca Lauritano, Morgan Joseph, Liza Tullis, Emily Pik, Katherine Stewart

Varsity Eight ‘E’: Brittany Wengel, Susie Chalker, Mary Nilan, Elspeth Missel, Lieve Pitts, Hannah Silver, Colleen Warren, Anna Kobayashi, Colleen Bauk

Varsity Four ‘A’: Coxswain Molly Frear, MacKenzie Leahy, Elle Murray, Chelsea Simpson, Taylor Levine

Varsity Four ‘B’: Coxswain Sidney Thorsten, Keziah Beall, Martha Kuzzy, Lindsay Welch, Sarah Borchelt

Varsity Four ‘C’: Coxswain Miriam Kaplan, Lauren Shook, Morgan Joseph, Ann Reid, Susanne Grainger

Varsity Four ‘D’: Coxswain Sarah Jordan, Ruth Retzinger, Kaity McCullough, Allison Mayberry, Betsy Nilan

Varsity Four ‘E’: Coxswain Erica Stratton, Mary Nilan, Francesca Lauritano, Liza Tullis, Jenny Shultis

Varsity Four ‘F’: Coxswain Brittany Wengel, Paige Terry, Brandy Herald, Emily Pik, Dana Walsh

Novice Eight ‘A’: Coxswain Camille Hochheimer, Colleen Warren, Leann Deckert, Kerry Wilson, Ashley Hendrickson, Christine Atwell, Aurelia Massoudi-Khorsand, Holly Mayton

Novice Eight ‘B’: Coxswain Isabella Artiles Gonzales, Ellen Buckley, Katie Brown, Kelsey Shea, Megan Kazlauskas, Dierdre Regan, Lauren Frost, Amber Eutsler, Caroline Acton

Double ‘A’: Kristine O’Brien, Claudia Blandford

Double ‘B’: Carli Goldberg, Cara Linnenkohl

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