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Virginia Postgame Quotes
Boston College vs. Virginia
November 20, 2010
Alumni Stadium, Chestnut Hill, Mass.
Head Coach Mike London:

“The guy has played in a lot of games. He made an ill-advised throw for an interception, but I think we
had over 400 yards of total offense, which is something that hasn’t been done around here in long time.
It’s a tough loss, but you always have to learn from things like this. Players have to learn that the margin
for error is so thin. The opportunity when their quarterback was hit and the ball bounced in and out of our
hands. He probably would have took and ran it for a score. They have the best running back in the
conference – statistically – and they did a good job at what they do. It’s disappointing, but you have to
look up, look forward and get ready for our final game.”

On the missed field goal:
“We’re glad to be on TV, but it felt like there was a ton of timeouts that just slowed the game. Either way
you have to make the kick, whether it was one timeout or no timeout at all. He was doing a good job, but
I guess it went right. Nobody is pointing fingers at him, because we could have a lot things on both sides
of the ball to help ourselves.”

On the touchdown review:
“I asked the question, ‘Was it a touchdown or a play that should be reviewed?’ No, I did not see a replay.
Dontrelle said he landed on top of the guy with the ball, in bounds. Obviously, they didn’t call it. I never
got an explanation for that, but I guess I will soon.”

On striving towards a bowl streak like Boston College’s:
“Absolutely. In that kind of streak you play in games like this and win, you start to identify yourself as a
program that has enough wins to go on to the postseason. With the postseason, you have the chance to
practice more. And when you practice more you build more experience and more depth, because of the
opportunities that postseason allows you to do. That is a goal of ours to do it every step of the way, the
right way. As I keep talking about what we do in the community and the classroom and everything else.
Hopefully, as we continue to forge ahead here, that becomes the culture, becomes what Virginia football
is known for.”

On the onside kick:
“We were trying to create those opportunities for us. They gave us the same exact look as Duke. We
practiced that every day, twice-a-day, 100 percent every day. It was one of those things where we flubbed
it a little bit. You try to live courageously. No guts, no glory as far as the kicking game. That one didn’t
work, so we’ll keep looking for other opportunities.”

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