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Jim Foster, Ohio State head coach
On the team’s overall performance
“We did a good job on the boards. I thought we did a very good job defensively. We played a pretty good first half offensively. In the second half, the fouls changed the nature of the game, which happens. Sometimes you have games during the season where you just have to take care of your business and I thought we did that and did a good job.”

On Virginia cutting the lead to four points
“They went to a zone defense and we made some substitutions that didn’t have the right combinations on the floor, so we got some folks back on the floor. We flowed a lot better after that and they couldn’t do some things offensively.”

On Virginia getting tired in the second half
“We like to get everyone tired. We like to get up and down the floor. I think the byproduct of that in the second half was they were tired and were fouling us. It changed the tempo of this game and we have to be able to handle that.”

Jantel Lavender, Ohio State senior center
On the physicality of the game

“Their post players were very physical. They have some players who power their way through. I think we handled it well as a team.”

On bench players getting playing time
“Our bench thought Ashley Adams could compete. I think they’re starting to learn how the college game is being played. They’re good listeners.”

On breaking the rebounding record
“It’s a good record. Tracey Hall was a good player and she set high standards, but I don’t think about that stuff. I just rebound.”

Debbie Ryan, Virginia head coach
Opening remarks on game

“We were really impressed with Ohio State. I coached Jantel with USA Basketball and I knew she was really good coming into this game. She always finishes hard. The players around her hurt us the most. Cutting their lead to 4 made us winded and we were not able to sustain our energy. It is always hard to come back from being down 10 against a Top 10 team.”

On getting enough looks
“We got great looks tonight. We got a lot of layups, but not enough. It is something we work hard on every day. However, we just keep coming up short. Without looking at stats I would say we had 20 shots within 3 to 4 feet, but the players just aren’t finishing well. Ohio State was not a physical team, we weren’t ever in foul trouble.”

On Simone Egwu
“Simone had a weak start and I had to take her out after the first 4 minutes. After she got a good look from the bench she really played well. She was not really ready for Jantel.”

On shooting 3-pointers
“We wanted to put them in a position to shoot threes. We had to pick our poison with this team; they have a lot of strengths that we had to battle. They are very good at spreading us out and making us shoot threes.”

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