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Virginia vs. Drexel
Postgame Quotes
December 4, 2010

Virginia Head Coach Debbie Ryan
Opening Statement
“We knew this was going to be a tough game and a short turnaround from the Ohio State trip but I thought we prepared fairly well for it. We just let them get away a couple times with the 3-point shots and that’s how they score. Our rebounding was fairly good, I think we could have gotten a lot more offensive rebounds than we did but we did an OK job on the boards and we did a really good job taking care of the basketball, but we really have to get better at scoring the basketball.”

On needing a good performance
“It was a must play well situation, and I really think we played well in the first half. In the beginning of the second half, I thought we did a nice job of putting the game close to out of reach. Then they made a comeback and I was trying to get some other players in the game but you can’t do that late with a team that’s got that much rhythm. They are just a great offensive team, a really good rhythm team. Then I broke our rhythm with substitutions and had to try to get it back again.”

On how the team reacted to Drexel
“I thought we played fairly well defensively once we settled in and started to do a better job with covering number 23 [Kamile Nacickaite], then number 5 [Jasmina Rosseel] got really hot in the second half so we just had our hands full. But we stayed with what we did and we put the ball in the paint as much as we could and I thought we did a fairly good job of that.”

Virginia Junior Forward Chelsea Shine
On returning home from the road trip
“We have only had two or three road games, so it was great to be back. We went through some hard and emotional games that we could and should have won. We have a tendency to come back and play really well. We played in the Virgin Islands then came back and played well against TCU here. It is something we are working on. We have to string games together and become a lot more consistent than we are now.”

On different players stepping up
“We see that a lot in practice. We work hard against one another. There are a few players who are more consistent down to the core. I think we have a solid core, and the coaches look for those players to be the backbone of the team. No matter who starts, it does not matter as long as we get the win. You have to go with who is ‘hot.’ We are excited for each other, whoever is playing well.”

Junior Guard Ariana Moorer
On coming off the bench
“She has been telling me since first year that it does not matter whether you start or just play for a couple minutes; it only matters who finishes the game.”

On playing well
“It felt good. I have not had a good run in a couple games so I had to make up for a couple goose eggs in the Virgin Islands.”

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