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Virginia vs. UMBC
December 18, 2010
Postgame Quotes

Virginia Head Coach Debbie Ryan
Opening statement:

“We came into this game knowing that we were going to be somewhat rusty. It has been 12 or 13 days since we have played. I thought we started the game off extremely well defensively. We had trouble putting the ball in the basket but we started the game off very well. We were turning over the ball too much but we got control of that at halftime and were able to create some separation in the second half. I still feel like there are areas of the game that we can play a lot better than we did tonight. UMBC did a good job of packing it in against us with that zone. We tried to break through the zone by getting into the paint and that helped a lot thanks to Simone Egwu who did a great job of catching inside and finishing. The key to the game was getting to the free throw line and penetrating. The turnovers are obviously a concern right now.”

On Ataira Franklin’s play:
“Ataira is a very good offensive player when she plays within herself and that was her normal game. She’s a very efficient and consistent player. I was really pleased with her performance tonight. You can see why she was in the starting lineup; she doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. She is very consistent with what she does.”

On her feelings moving forward:
“We have a full team now which helps a lot but it is still a work in progress. The chemistry is not quite where it needs to be because we are still figuring out when to substitute, how much we can substitute at any one time. We have had so much in and out that it has been hard to get things done. I’m still working on that a bit but as you can see, we have a lot of good players and a lot of good options. The young players are going to continue to improve. I think we have a lot of choices and a lot of ways to go now.”

On China Crosby’s return:
“I was very pleased with China’s minutes tonight. We didn’t know how much we were going to play her or what we were going to do but I think she did a good job in there. She has only had four or five practices at this point so she is nowhere near 100 percent and we are just trying to get her physically ready.”

On Virginia’s play coming out of finals week:
“Honestly, I’m really happy because we had three players that had exams right up until five o’clock yesterday so I’m not going to complain. This is a very hard time of the year here at Virginia so hopefully we’ll have time to shake that off before we hit the court again on Monday. I was pleased with our focus. I thought our starters and a couple of players off the bench did a very good job of focusing. We’re still a work in progress.”

Virginia Freshman Guard Ataira Franklin
On being in the starting line-up:

“The first game I was pretty nervous. Coach Ryan was telling me to play within my game. Keep playing defense and hustle. I think I have been able to do that pretty well. I am just trying to stay consistent. Coach Ryan has just been telling me to play my role. My defense has been able to generate offense for me so its’ coming along well.”

On the upcoming contest against JMU and the loss to the Dukes last season:
“Me personally, because I wasn’t there, I feel like last year was last year. Obviously, we are going to respect her [Dawn Evans]. Obviously, she has had a great career, but last year is last year, and we are going to focus on shutting her down.”

Virginia Sophomore Center Simone Egwu
On coming off of the break from competition for final exams:

“I think given the 12 days we had off, we did pretty well. Admittedly we were a little rusty, but I’m proud of how we executed as a team, and came off that big gap.”

On UVa’s different scoring threats:
“I think it is pretty exciting you know. It makes me feel that much better about my team, that I know any given night somebody can pick this up for us, and go off. I think it says a lot about every single one of us and also us as a whole that nobody is trying to be the leading scorer every night.”

Virginia Sophomore Guard China Crosby
On Virginia’s performance vs. UMBC:
“I think as far as the defense, we did a real good job. We stopped a lot of three point shooters today.”

On returning after missing nine games with an injury:
“It has been a little while. I would say it was a pretty good game. I wasn’t really looking to go off or anything like that. I was trying to be patient, be smart and be a leader on the floor. As the games go on then my offense will come. I’m still looking at the mindset of getting stops on defense and then pushing the ball up so we can get some open looks on offense.”

On the energy she brings to the team:
“I am an energy type player. I bring the energy on the floor. Today wasn’t so much energy on the floor but I try my best. I try to be patient and listen to what the coaches have to say and take it from there.”

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