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Sophomore point guard China Crosby and the Virginia women’s basketball team continue its two-game road swing at 4 p.m. Thursday against Georgia Tech before returning to JPJA for a 2 p.m. contest on Sunday with Penn. Crosby, who hails from New York, N.Y., recently sat down with to talk about the first half of the season, what she learned from being out last year, and her career path.

Question: UVa was picked to finish 10th in the ACC, even with four returning starters. Do you feel there is something to prove?
Of course. We don’t focus our attention on one poll, but no team sees itself as the 10th-best team in the ACC. We aren’t going to pay attention to what people are saying; we are going to focus on ourselves and what we need to do better to prepare for games.

Question: How would you describe the first half of the season?
A bit of rollercoaster; we had a couple of good wins and we had a couple of bad losses. We have learned from our mistakes. Right now we are just trying to continue forward.

Question: It seems like a different person is stepping up each game for the team this season. What has that been like to get those contributions?
That is basically what we set our sights on for this season. Everybody trusts each other on this team and we know anybody can come out and drop 20 points if they wanted. Overall we are able to get different people looks and make sure we keep pushing the ball. Everybody can bring something and is able to contribute.

Question: What has it been like for you to come back from injury and be able to contribute like that?
It means a lot; I am really grateful, and I am really honored to be out there on the floor. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I am just trying to take it day-by-day and keep my focus. I am trying to be positive with my mindset. That is the big thing for me right now. I’ve missed a lot of games so I am just trying to help my team the best way I can.

Question: Were you able to learn from last year and take away something each game you were on the bench?
Last year I felt like I was learning as a player and a leader before my injury, and then there was a setback. But I was still able to learn because I saw things differently. And just being able to see Monnie (Monica Wright) play, one of the best college players last year, and watching Pooh (Paulisha Kellum) playing point guard, that was huge.

Question: How would you describe where you were last year at this time and where you are now? What are the differences and how have you grown?
Now I think I am more under control. Last year I was a little wowed. I needed to learn how to control myself. I learned how to be a leader and how to be a point guard. I am learning how to see the floor and be that true point guard. I am more patient than I was in high school or even before I got hurt.

Question: Have you thought about what you want to major in yet?
I think I am going to do sociology, just because that will help me go into the criminal justice system. I want to be a detective, always have since I was younger. I want to take basketball as far as I can, and after that, become a cop. You have to take it day-by-day, just like in basketball, and there a lot of similar mental and physical attributes. I like people and I like making things happen.

Question: What do you like to do for fun?
I am a movie fanatic and I love watching television. I love Law & Order: SVU. I am an outgoing person, though, and I love trying to get my teammates together to go to the movies or to go out to eat. We play cards sometimes too.

Question: Any new year’s resolutions?
To be more responsible. I can sometimes be absent-minded. I am always forgetting my keys!

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