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Adams Abdulrazaaq has had an impressive start to 2011. At last weekend’s Virginia Tech Invitational, the senior hurdler shattered his own school record of 7.85 in the 60m hurdles by winning the meet in 7.76 – the fastest time in the NCAA this season. With a win in both the preliminary and final rounds of the event, Adbulrazaaq has now won all four 60m hurdles races that he’s competed in this year. He will look to extend that streak as the Cavaliers head back to Blacksburg, Va., this weekend for the Hokie Invitational. Events are scheduled for Friday and Saturday in Rector Field House.

Question: You currently hold the nation’s top time in the 60m hurdles. It’s early in the season to be focusing on that, but what does that mean for you for the rest of the year?
Abdulrazaaq: For me, I understand it’s early, but my mind is set on the national meet. I want to hit the automatic mark so I can take the rest of my time to focus on improving my technique and getting ready to give my all at that very meet.

Question: The time also bettered your already school record and was a big PR for you. What sort of training did you do over the holiday break to be able to be able to accomplish such a feat this early on?
Abdulrazaaq: Over the break, as you know, it was snowing in every corner of the nation, so running or hurdling was almost impossible. Instead, I decided to focus on my core and my eating habits in order to improve my over all health.

Question: Without access to an indoor track, how are you able to train for the hurdles during the entire indoor season?
Abdulrazaaq: Although we don’t have an indoor track, my coach does a great job with creating drills and workouts with the space at hand. It’s fighting the things in your way that make champions.

Question: You now sit just .06-seconds away from the NCAA qualifying mark, what do you think it will take to get you to NCAAs?
Abdulrazaaq: Focus is the biggest thing. I already have full confidence in myself that I will hit the automatic mark. The biggest question now is what will it take to win the meet.

Question: When you transition to outdoors, you also compete in the 110m hurdles and the 400m hurdles. Do you have a favorite event among those?
Abdulrazaaq: The 110m hurdles would have to be my favorite. It’s a combination of both the 60m hurdles and 400m hurdles rolled into one.

Question: Which achievement throughout your collegiate career are you most proud of?
Abdulrazaaq: I would have to be the most proud of my team winning the ACC meet. I know I had a part in the win, but celebrating it with my team made it that much sweeter.

Question: If you could choose to be any other person on the team for one day, who would you choose to be?
Abdulrazaaq: If I had to be a teammate for the day, it would be a tie between Marcus Robinson and Andrew Fahringer. Both of them have been to the national meet and are great role models to follow. I took to both on a daily basis and I would love to try both the triple jump and throwing a javelin.

Question: Being from Richmond, had you always wanted to come to UVa?
Abdulrazaaq: Actually, I couldn’t decide what college I wanted to go to. I went to see and visit many schools and was stuck on many. The thing that sold me on UVa was, and has always been, the people. My team is what keeps me going and they have been supporting me since day one. I am so thankful to have them all!

Question: Do you know what you want to do after you earn your degree?
Abdulrazaaq: One of my goals in life is to coach track and field on the collegiate level so I can pass down all the things I have learned to the youth of tomorrow!

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