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Maryland at Virginia
Postgame Quotes
Jan. 21, 2011

Virginia head coach Debbie Ryan
On the last possession of the game:

“The last play was for us to take the player off of the ball. She was supposed to be a safety, but I think she was confused because she was stepping toward a player and kind of doubling a player instead of stepping off and being behind two players. We didn’t want Thomas to catch the ball for sure, but we weren’t going to double her probably until she had the ball. I was proud of my team tonight. They fought hard. They played hard. They did everything they could to win. I was more disappointed in the fact that the game even went into overtime.”

On the play of Whitny Edwards and Jazmin Pitts

Whitney Edwards and Jazmine Pitts were tremendous tonight. We needed Jazmine’s size and her ability to rebound in there. Jazmine coming in gave us a lot of strength and size. We really saw the best of Jazmine tonight. That is the best she has played all year. Whitney just came in and really gave us a very very a solid floor game at the guard position. I just needed someone that was really steady in there and she just knocked out a few shots and played good defensive.

On Virginia’s record thus far

You cant really focus on the record. 0-4. You cant focus on that. You have to take it one game at a time and one possession at a time. This is a team that is full of kids with a lot of grit and they are very strong willed. I am really hoping that by the time tomorrow rolls around we will be right back at it and ready for Virginia Tech.

Virginia Guard Whitny Edwards
On tonight’s game:
“A lot of people are going to go home tonight and think about how the game ended but we know were going to have to bounce back with Virginia Tech coming in on Sunday. That is another important game for us and it is important for us to get this win.”

On improvement:
“We did a lot of good things tonight and made a lot of strides. We improved in the game tonight and it gives us the confidence going forward. We know we can play with these good teams and we know we will bounce back strong.”

On Sunday’s game:
“It is definitely good that it is a quick turnaround. It does not give us time to hang our heads.”

On playing Maryland:
“All we have been talking about is how much fun and how challenging this game was going to be. We love games like this. This is why we came to the ACC.”

Virginia Forward Jazmin Pitts
On rebounding:
“For the past couple weeks, our main focus has been rebounding. I think our team did a great job today going up for every board.”

On confidence:
“I am gaining a lot of confidence. My teammates are all very supportive and it has greatly increased my confidence on the court.”

On end of game:
“It was tough. I thought it was going in. It was a great shot and a great game.”

Maryland Head Coach Brenda Frese
Opening statement:
“It seems like these match-ups between the University of Virginia and us come down to the wire every year. It brings out the best of us in competition. Like I told them in the locker room, I am very proud of how we fought and battled. I really feel like we grew up tonight as a young team. It was a very physical game with a lot of adversity and foul trouble. We had a lot of players on our team who wanted to step up and make big plays at the right moment.”

On Diandra Tchatchouang’s game-tying three-pointer at the end of regulation:
“We were trying to go inside, but when the play did not go the way we wanted there is always a trail for the three-point shot.”

On the win:
“This win gives us a lot of confidence in terms of knowing that when you are down, you stick together as a team to come back and make plays.”

Maryland Sophomore forward Diandra Tchatchouang
On her game-tying three-pointer at the end of regulation:
“I knew we needed three points, so I took the shot. I was open, so that gave me confidence.”

Maryland Freshman forward Alyssa Thomas
On her early foul trouble:
“All I could do is cheer my team on. Our bench players came in and played a huge game for us.”

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