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Postgame Quotes
Virginia Tech at Virginia
Jan. 23, 2011

Virginia head coach Debbie Ryan
Opening Statement:

“I was pleased and happy with the fact that we were able to put the Maryland game behind us and come out with renewed enthusiasm. I thought we came out and showed that we were ready to play defensively. We really did a bang-up job defensively, and I think our offense was fueled by that. We got running. It was just a very good game for us. We’ve been playing well, we just haven’t had the results that we wanted. Now we’re committed to the results part, and hopefully, this will get us started.”

On the large margin of victory:
“I was really surprised with how we were able to get the separation. First we got good separation, and then we struggled a little bit in the first half when we substituted. But then we were able to regain control before halftime. It’s really kind of shocking that we were able to get this much separation, but I focus totally on the fact that we know we’ve played really good defense over the past several games. Now it’s starting to come together for us a little on the offensive end.”

On recent defensive performance:
“Honestly, I think that we’ve finally gotten to a point where we’re good defensively. We help each other, we’re doing a good job of switching, we’re coming to help, and we’re figuring out when we need to stay and when we need to go. We’ve just become a better defensive team all around.”

On team’s response to Friday’s loss to Maryland:
“We talked a little bit about the game and tried to put the game behind us, but the mood was terrible. Not because they weren’t ready to practice, just because they were very, very disappointed with what happened. When we got on the floor, everything changed. Everybody was very positive. It was a very short practice, but they went very hard.”

Virginia sophomore guard China Crosby
On recent play:

“I think I’m more confident offensively. Coach [Tim] Taylor talked to me about getting a mid-range jumper, and I’ve been practicing that a lot lately. I’m more comfortable taking that shot now, and once I hit that shot, it’s going to free my post players up more. I’ll get a lot more assists. I’ve been confident. My injury never set me back. I’m always going to have that kind of heart to try to pump my team up and do what I can to try to get my team and get these wins.”

On change in three-point shooting form:
“Coach [Tim] Taylor worked with me. I basically had my palm more on the ball, and now I’m trying to get my palm more off the ball to get a better release. I’ve been working on that more, and I’ve just been working on taking more shots. I’ve been taking more shots in the gym so I can get the flow. When I get that feel on the three-point line or right there in the midpoint spot, you just take that shot and calm down. You’ll knock it down.”

On getting an ACC win:
“It was pretty good, but we still have more games left. We still have to be prepared for this next game coming up. We’re celebrating, we’re happy, but we know we’ve still got a lot of work to do.”

Virginia Tech head coach Beth Dunkenberger
On what happened today

“I think that we fell apart today as a team. Our team chemistry really took some hits and the thing that we have to learn to do is stick together through good times and bad times. What we are going to attempt to do from this point on is let this adversity bring us closer together and not rip is apart. Today we got ripped apart. There is no doubt, but that is where we intend to go from here.”

On the team’s response to the game
“I have no doubt in my mind that our team is very disappointed in how we played. But more importantly, in forgetting what a team is about.”

On hitting rock bottom
“If you are wondering if this is rock bottom, I would say it is hard to imagine getting any lower than this. But they say once you hit rock bottom, you only have one way to go, and that is up. So, we’ll look up.”

On preparing for Virginia
“Right now I have been really focusing on Virginia Tech. I know Virginia is going through a lot of changes this year too. I think they are very similar to us in many ways. But personally, right now most of my focus and reflection has been on Virginia Tech versus trying to get into the heads of opponents and trying to figure out where they are.”

Virginia Tech senior Brittany Gordon
On how the team will respond

“It’s definitely going to take a lot of soul searching and hard work to really fight back right now. I think we have had some inner issues that stopped us from playing to the best of our abilities today. I think once we go back and practice and challenge each other mentally and physically, we can definitely pull this around.”

On the internal issues
“I really can’t pin point it. I just know that we are capable of getting out of it right now. We have to grow up and play the game. We need to not worry about the officials or anything else and just play the game that we know we are capable of playing.”

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