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Question: How frustrating was it for you to suffer your fractured fibula when you were playing some of the best basketball of your career?

Sherrill: Obviously it was pretty bad timing. We were coming off the trip to Maui where I played pretty well, especially against Oklahoma and Wichita State. In that game against Minnesota, I was feeling comfortable on the floor and in my role. To get hurt at that time was unfortunate. Now that I am back, I am trying to shake off the rust. The first few games were tough, because I was still hurting and wasn’t 100 percent. Because I was playing well before the injury, I wanted to work hard to get back to that level as quickly as possible. It is feeling pretty good now and I am hoping to get back into the groove in these upcoming games.

Question: What was the rehab process like for you to come back from the injury?

Sherrill: I did a lot of icing and ultrasound and some electric stim, really everything that Ethan [Saliba] and the training staff have at their disposal. Once I started to get back to playing, the main thing was trying to play through a lot of pain. I had to adapt to how my leg was feeling and there were some things I couldn’t do then that I could do before. As the bone healed, I am now working on getting the muscle strong again.

Question: What does it say about your progression as a player to go from a walk-on freshman to a senior captain and starter?

Sherrill: It shows the great opportunity that coach Bennett has given me. I tried to buy into his program and fill a role that he expressed needed to be filled; a guy who doesn’t get a lot of headlines, but is one who does the little things for our team to be successful. I embraced that role and that has gotten me more minutes on the floor and helped our team win some games. Those are the two things I love most about the game, playing and winning. I will do whatever I can to help our team win.

Question: You are one of the few veterans on this team. What have you tried to instill on the freshmen about what it takes to be successful at this level?

Sherrill: The main thing, especially in the games I have been back after the injury, is to take it one game at a time. I really emphasized that when we lost those three straight ACC games. Last year we started off well in the ACC, we were 3-0 and then 5-2 and were in first place. I think we kind of got complacent and took it for granted. We then went on that really long losing streak. After the Boston College loss, I told those guys that it is a long season, we have to work hard every day and if we keep improving, the wins are going to come. We played a good game against Georgia Tech and now need to keep that positive momentum going.

Question: You will graduate in a few months. What are your plans for the future?

Sherrill: I already have a job working in New York for Credit Suisse, an investment banking firm. I will have some training over the summer and then I start work for their debt capital markets group. I am excited about it.

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