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Marghi Walters is a senior co-captain on the women’s lacrosse team this season. The defender started and played all 20 games for the Cavaliers last year and scored her first collegiate goal against Old Dominion.

Virginia will open its season this weekend, when the team heads to Baltimore, Md., to face Loyola at noon Saturday.

Question: The team starts its season this weekend. How excited are you to get out there and finally play a real game?

Walters: Finally! I’m so excited to face other competition and get a chance to show how hard we worked this preseason.

Question: Talk about the defense. The team returns the majority of its defenders this year, what has that been like?

Walters: It’s awesome to have most of our defenders back, as well as adding a few new players to the defense. I definitely feel like we are ahead this season because we know each other so well and have had so much time to play together.

Question: What about offensively, what is it like to go against such strong attackers on a daily basis?

Walters: Our attackers are awesome and playing against them has made us significantly better defenders. I feel confident that I’m ready to face any attacker in the country after playing against our offense the past six weeks.

Question: Do you have a favorite attacker to match-up against?

Walters: No, but I can tell you my least favorite, which is Ains [Ainsley Baker] because she’s the fastest attacker I’ve ever played against.

Question: The team has 12 newcomers this year. How have they transitioned to the collegiate game?

Walters: They’ve done a great job so far. They all seemed so young when they got here, but they’ve really learned how it feels to play at a higher level. I think they will all help us win throughout the season.

Question: What do you think is their biggest strength?

Walters: They are all so energetic. They’ve pushed me to work harder because they all work extremely hard.

Question: Hard to believe you’re starting your senior season. What do you want to see happen in your final year?

Walters: I want to see us win an ACC and NCAA Championship!

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